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Release notes 2023

Note: We launched the What's New page which centralizes all of our new features and updates. Check it out to stay up to date with all product updates!


At monday.com, we're working around the clock to improve our platform in order to make it as robust, yet intuitive as possible for you and your team. With this said, we're extremely excited to see what new platform additions 2023 will bring! 🥳 

In this article, you'll be able to find a constantly-growing list of some of our most impactful new features and enhancements that we come out with month by month in 2023. Let's dive right in!



  • Hide subitem columns from your board: You can now hide columns from your subitems to help customize your board and display the most relevant information to you at all times.
  • Improved platform accessibility: The monday.com homepage, administration page and account/workspace permission pages were made accessible for keyboard navigation, eliminating the need to use a mouse to locate the information you need.
  • Subitems on GitHub Integration: We've added the capability to select subitem columns when mapping out your GitHub integration recipes, allowing you to take your workflows up to the next level.
  • monday to GitHub integration flow: We now support monday to GitHub flows using our GitHub integration, also allowing the option for a two-way connection.
  • Smart Spreadsheet: Use the powerful Smart Spreadsheet app to create and edit spreadsheets directly on monday.com. You can also import board data into a spreadsheet and make advanced calculations, apply conditional formatting, and more!



  • Lock your views to prevent unwanted edits: You can now lock a customized board view that you created in order to prevent others from changing or editing it!
  • Use automations to assign a team as board owner: Use an automation to instantly assign a team as the owner of a new board created from a template.
  • More actions and details in the automation builder: A brand new header and sidebar give more information about the automation and allow for quick actions right inside the automation builder.
  • Improved automations and integrations usage page: Clearer and more aesthetically pleasing, admins can better track automation and integration usage on the new and improved usage page
  • Expanded filtering abilities: You can now filter your board according to the dates from your Creation Log and Last Updated Columns, allowing you to zoom into the exact data you need.



  • Date Column revamp: The Date Column has been fully reworked with a new date picker that provides a smoother and more accessible data inputting experience.
  • WorkForms improvements: Add a welcome page for added context before users fill out a WorkFrom, and gain more admin control by limiting the number of form responses allowed!
  • Subitem status change automation: When creating custom automations, you now have the option to use a subitem status change to initiate an automated action.
  • Create new CRM contacts from a form: monday sales CRM subscribers can now enable their team to easily create new contacts from a form with mandatory fields clearly indicated.
  • Pause notifications on your mobile app: Android users can now choose to temporarily pause all notifications for the duration of their choosing.
  • More visibility in automation activity log: We’ve expanded the capabilities of the automation activity log. Now you can see if every trigger, condition, and action in an automation recipe has succeeded or failed.
  • Transfer integrations from deactivated users: We’ve added the ability for an admin to transfer a user’s integrations to another user. The transferred integrations will be deactivated so that the new owner can reactivate them using their own credentials.
  • 7pace app: The 7pace app is a professional time tracking solution used to record, manage, and report on how time is spent. Use this app to track all individual and team time across all boards and workspaces in a single click!



  • Workload availability management: Do you have multiple users on your account, each with different work schedules? The Workload widget can now be customized based on the work schedule for each user!
  • Team as owner of board, docs, and dashboards: Give all the members of a team ownership of a board, doc, or dashboard in one click, so that all relevant people will have permissions to make changes with ease.
  • Priority column on My Work: My Work now supports the priority column so that you can keep track of all your tasks and their deadlines.
  • Template your workspace: Available on the Pro & Enterprise plans, you can template a Workspace full of boards, dashboards, workdocs, and more so that any team can easily recreate it.
  • Filters on the apps marketplace: We've added filters to the monday apps marketplace for smoother navigation and so that you can instantly find the exact apps you need.
  • Mass email analytics on monday sales CRM: Mass email analytics help you to streamline the performance of your campaigns by giving your team visibility into your target audience's engagement.
  • Clarity on automation errors: We've upgraded the way we notify you about certain automation errors to help increase transparency and make it easier to get them working again.
  • TeamBoard app: Use the TeamBoard app for effective resource planning so that you can maximize team productivity and ensure that projects are adequately staffed and resourced.



  • Introducing the new Update Feed: Oversee all your updates using the Update Feed! With improved navigation, robust customization options, the option to clear all updates, and more, managing your work has never been easier.
  • React to updates with Emojis: Use Emojis as reactions to updates to better communicate, save time, and for a fun way to express support or celebrate accomplishments.
  • Personalize your workdoc cover photo: Add your own custom photo or GIF as the cover photo of your workdoc to customize and brand it as you wish.
  • Kanban navigational improvements: We added a new battery-style widget at the top of your Kanban for easy navigation through your cards and a better understanding of what has been achieved.
  • WorkForms submissions analytics page: Make data driven decisions and gain form insights such as submission rate, geolocation, average submission time, and more by using the new WorkForms analytics page.
  • Set a team as a board or doc owner: Give all the members of a team ownership of a board or doc in one click, so that all the relevant people will have permissions to make changes with ease.
  • Recurring Tasks app: Seamlessly create and schedule recurring tasks in your monday.com boards with the Recurring Tasks app!



  • New monday layout: We've completely renovated the layout of monday.com to support lots of newly added features, and to make account navigation smoother than ever.
  • WorkForms people column question: Add a People Column to your WorkForm to easily assign an item to a specific person or team without having to create an automation on your board!
  • Automatically connect subitems to items: Take your workflow up a notch by connecting a subitem to an item on another board using automations.
  • Instantly understand last lead activity: As part of Emails and Activities, you can now use an integration recipe to automatically update a Date Column every time that an activity or email was captured.
  • Transfer automations beforeuser deactivation: Seamlessly transfer automation ownership prior to deactivating a user on your account, right from the user management page.
  • DocuGen app: Use the DocuGen app from the apps marketplace to add no-code AI capabilities to your projects to automate tasks, check work, make decisions, and improve productivity.



  • One-by-one format for WorkForms: Format your WorkForm so that each question will appear individually as the form is filled out, eliminating the need to navigate between questions.
  • Mass emails in the Emails & Activities app: Distribute thousands of personalized emails in seconds by using the Emails & Activities app on monday Sales CRM.
  • New CRM mobile item page: We've revamped the mobile CRM item page, making it easier then ever to access and update the information you need while on the go.
  • iOS My Work list view: You can now view your mobile My Work items in a clickable list format, making it easier to understand what work needs to be done at a glance.
  • monday Doc Column API support: the monday doc column is now supported in the API, allowing for the instant creating and updating of workdocs!
  • Additional Kanban divide-by options: Further customize your Kanban view by dividing the cards according to different values from your board such as the board’s groups, Status Columns, or Connect Boards Columns!
  • Dashboard Hub for monday.com: With the Dashboard Hub app, teams can analyze, collaborate and share business data through customizable reporting dashboards with pre-built templates for different teams.
  • Priority Pro: Effortlessly prioritize your tasks with the Priority Pro app's interactive matrix. Utilize a scoring system based on Effort and Impact to enhance your decision-making.



  • Notifications search: You can now search through your notifications to instantly find any past communications that you're looking for.
  • Jira integration conditions and filters: We enhanced the conditions and filtering options within the Jira integration so you can fully customize the items and issues that are synced to your board.
  • Teams content list: Oversee the boards, dashboards, docs, and workspaces which your team is subscribed to by using the new "Content" tab located within a team's main page. 
  • Automation error quick report: If you ever stumble across a problem with our automations,  you can seamlessly report it to our team through the automations activity log.
  • Workload widget coloring customization: Through the Workload Widget settings, you can now define the coloring logic based on a selected field from your board.
  • App ratings and reviews for developers: We've added users' app rating and reviews to the developer section of the apps marketplace to help understand how an app is evaluated by other users.
  • Launch of What's New page: We've launched a brand new landing page which centralizes all of our feature releases, announcements and updates in one place. Check it out here!



  • Dedicated WorkForm automation recipes: We created unique automation recipes to use with your WorkForms to instantly automate various actions based on a form submission.
  • Account default notification settings: Account admins can now customize the default email notification settings that are in place for each new user added to an account.
  • Ability to remove profile fields: To prevent the display of private data, admins can disable profile fields so that they will not be available for individual users to view or edit within their account.
  • Improved Gantt export to PDF: Exporting a Gantt chart will now display the entire length and width of it, allowing you to see and retrieve all the information that you need.
  • Show full content of automation notifications: We've added a "Read more" option within our automation notifications, allowing you to easily view the entire message received.


  • Ability to hide the File and Doc Column: When hiding columns from your board, you can now choose to hide any File or Doc Column within it.
  • WorkForms RTL language support: When using WorkForms, we now support RTL (right to left) languages for building and viewing your form!
  • Performance improvements while scrolling: We've improved our board performance to allow for a much quicker and smoother scrolling experience, without interruptions or delays!
  • New permission type - Create doc on items: As part of account permissions, we added a new option to allow admins to enable/disable the ability for team members to create workdocs on the item level.
  • No action mode for dependencies: We added the option for "No action" mode when customizing dependencies, so that items will not shift automatically on your timeline or Gantt.



  • Notifications person filter: You can now filter your bell notifications according to who mentioned you to help you easily locate what you're looking for!
  • Custom roles for account permissions: Enterprise admins can create unique, account-level roles according to a team member's job title, department, or any other suitable definition, and then assign specific permissions for that role.
  • Copy item columns to subitems: You can now copy the same column types that you have from your parent items to your subitems with the click of a button!
  • Single-mode view for widgets: We now offer the ability to dock a widget on a board view, dashboard, or item page to make it occupy your screen space more effectively.
  • Edit custom automation recipes: When editing a custom automation, you now have the option to fully adjust it by adding or removing conditions, triggers, and actions. 
  • New dashboard creation flow: We revamped the process of building a new dashboard, making it easier than ever to create the reports of your dreams!



  • Jira integration two-way sync: Using our new Jira Cloud integration, you can seamlessly create a flow of information that goes in both ways - from Jira to monday.com and back!
  • Doc Column templates: You can now create a Doc Column template so that each time a new workdoc is added through the Doc Column it'll come ready-made with a pre-prepared outline.
  • New platform font: We're excited to introduce a new font used within our platform which provides a more modern and clean look, while also offering greater support for international characters and improved readability!
  • My Work redesign on mobile: We've redesigned the My Work mobile experience to make it easier than ever to navigate between all your tasks. 
  • Ability to manage users on mobile: Admins can now activate, deactivate, delete, or edit a team member's user role right from the mobile app!




If you have any questions, please reach out to our team right here. We’re available 24/7 and happy to help.