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Unique features found only in monday sales CRM


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Who can use these features:
Available only on the monday sales CRM product.


With the monday sales CRM product, you can manage all aspects of your sales cycle and customer data in one central place. Fitted with multiple unique features created just for monday sales CRM, this robust product can be used to fit all of your CRM needs.

In this article, we'll review the amazing features below which can only be found within the monday sales CRM product:

  • CRM item page
  • Deal Stages Widget
  • Funnel Chart
  • Shared templates on Emails & Activities
  • Shared email inbox
  • Batch emails
  • Mobile CRM experience
  • Leaderboard widget

Keep on reading to learn all about it! 🚀 


CRM item page

The CRM item page lays out all of the widgets from your item card in a large pop-up window, providing you more space to see and update all the relevant information that you need for an item on your board! To access it, click on the speech bubble to the right of an item name, as shown below.



When first opening the item page, it will be set to a view-only mode, meaning that you will not be able to edit the settings of any widget or rearrange them within your item page. To edit your item page, click on the three-dot menu on the top right and select "Edit layout & content".View_and_edit_mode.png

Note: Edit mode is available only for board owners and account admins.


To get a full-screen view of any widget on your item card, click on the four arrows in the top right corner to expand it. To collapse the widget and return back to the full item page, just click on the "x" icon at the top right.



Deal stages widget

The Deal Stages widget, found in the "Leads" and "Deals" boards within the monday sales CRM product, helps you track your progress with your leads and deals in a visual and comprehensive way. deal_stages_widget.png


Not only this, but the Deal Stages Widget is fully interactive - if you mark your progress on the widget then the item will be updated as well. The widget also allows for the following:

  • display the amount of time spent at each stage of the deal or relationship
  • easily reopen a closed or abandoned deal from the last active stage


Tip: To read more about the Deal Stages Widget, check out this article!


Funnel Chart

Using the Funnel Chart, you can seamlessly follow the flow of a deal's stages from new, all the way to won or lost. In addition to showing the current statuses of the deals or leads, it also calculates the % conversions between status labels (i.e. the conversion % of deals that went from "New" to "Won").



The Funnel Chart is also fully interactive! Try filtering the chart according to the owner or funnel start date, and click on each pillar to learn how many items are within that stage of the funnel. 🙌



Shared templates on Emails & Activities

Members of the monday sales CRM product now have the ability to define the share settings of email templates on Emails & Activities! This functionality lets you decide whether the template you created will be available only to you, or shared with everyone on your account. 

To adjust the share settings when creating a new template, click on the dropdown under the "Shared with" section. Here you can choose whether you'd like to have the template be available only to you, or to have it shared with everyone.


Note: Shared templates will be available to everyone in the account, however, only monday sales CRM members can share templates.


Shared email inbox

You can share access to a connected email account with your teammates. You can customize share settings for each individual by clicking into the drop-down menu to the right of their name and deciding from one of two share options:
  1. View only. All users will be limited to viewing.
  2. Read & write. If you choose "Read & write", this permission only applies to users who have access to monday sales CRM. All other users in your account will be limited to view only. This permission setting is only available for Pro and Enterprise monday sales CRM accounts.


Batch emails

Members of a monday sales CRM account can send mass emails with the Emails & Activities app. This allows you to simplify communication by enabling you to send out messages to multiple recipients simultaneously.

This feature can be used for:

  • email marketing campaigns
  • send introductions and materials to multiple leads
  • follow-up with multiple clients at the same time


Mobile CRM experience

For all monday sales CRM users, we offer a mobile version of the product so you can take all your CRM processes with you on the go! The monday sales CRM mobile experience gives you access to the entries made on the four core boards of your monday sales CRM-- the Leads, Deals, Account, and Contacts boards. 



Additionally, you can use the Emails & Activities app on mobile to send emails, add activities, and review past communications with your contacts without ever leaving your mobile device. 🙌



Leaderboard widget

Oversee sales rep performance and understand sales funnel conversion rates with ease using the Leaderboard Widget. This widget helps sales managers stay on top of their team’s metrics and uncover bottlenecks, ultimately leading to a higher-performing team and more won deals.


Sales reps can also benefit by seeing how they stack up to their peers for some extra motivation and understand where to focus their efforts! The widget can be customized for your team's needs.


If you have any questions, please reach out to our team right here. We’re available 24/7 and happy to help.