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Unique features found only in monday sales CRM

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Who can use these features:
Available only on monday sales CRM


With monday sales CRM, you can manage all aspects of your sales cycle and customer data in one central place. Fitted with multiple unique features created just for CRM teams, monday sales CRM can be used to fit all of your teams' needs.


In this article, we'll review some of the amazing features that can only be found in monday sales CRM:

Board features

Views, Charts, and Widgets

Account features

Keep on reading to learn all about these features! 🚀



Board Features

Item creation form

You can set up your boards to populate an item creation form when an item is added manually. Your form can be set up with required fields.

You can choose:

  • which fields are shown
  • the order that the fields are shown in
  • and which fields are mandatory

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You can use a form to create new items on any board, but it's especially helpful when manually creating a new contact!


CRM Data Enrichment

The more you know about an account, the more likely you are to retain their business. That's the idea behind the CRM Data enrichment app powered by Crunchbase. We've partnered with Crunchbase to incorporate their incomparable data reserves with our CRM.

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Manage duplicates

When it comes to managing your CRM workflow, duplicate values on your board can be disruptive to tracking and progress. With the manage duplicates feature, you never have to worry about duplicate contacts, deals, or other values:


While this feature is available in other monday.com products, it was originally designed for CRM users.


Conditional status changes

Who can use this feature:
Available only on monday sales CRM Enterprise

The Conditional status change feature allows you to enforce required fields when changing a status label. This means that certain conditions, set by a board owner, must be met in order for a member of your team to change a status column to a specific label.

For example, in order to mark an item as "Retired", your team member needs to complete the "Owner" field. To make sure this happens, you can set up a Conditional status change. Once set up, a form will pop up with required fields. If all of the required fields aren't completed, the status can't be changed:

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CRM item overview

At monday.com, we love making your life easier. This is why we created the item overview tab for monday sales CRM. This tab is already set up for you on your boards. If you click on any of your deals (or leads), you will see everything you need to know in one easy-to-navigate view!

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The overview is entirely customizable. You can add or remove widgets to support your team's needs.

Note: Edit mode is available only for board owners and account admins.



Widgets, Charts, and Views

The Funnel Chart Widget

Using The Funnel Chart Widget, you can seamlessly follow the progress of a deal. In addition to showing the current statuses of your deals or leads, it also calculates the % conversions between status labels (i.e. the conversion % of deals that went from "New" to "Won"):


The Funnel Chart is also fully interactive! You can filter the chart according to the owner or start date, and click on each pillar to see how many items are in that stage. 🙌



The Deal Stages Widget

You can find The Deal Stages Widget in the "Leads" and "Deals" boards in monday sales CRM. You can add this widget to your item overview card. This widget helps you track the progress of your leads and deals in a visual and comprehensive way: deal_stages_widget.png

The Deal Stages Widget is fully integrated with your boards. If you mark your progress on the widget then the item will be updated on your board as well.

The widget also allows you to:

  • display the amount of time spent at each stage of the deal or relationship
  • easily reopen a closed or abandoned deal from the last active stage



The Leaderboard Widget

The Leaderboard Widget helps sales managers stay on top of their team’s metrics and uncover bottlenecks, ultimately leading to a higher-performing team and more won deals. Understand sales funnel conversion rates with ease:


Sales reps can also benefit by seeing how they stack up to their peers for some extra motivation and insight into where to focus their efforts! The widget can be customized for your team's needs.


Sales Pipeline View

The Sales Pipeline View allows you to see and interact with your deals in a Kanban style view. Each deal can be dragged and dropped to adjust its stage. You can add this view to any of your CRM boards. You can also customize this view to see the item fields that are relevant to you, and see the total value of the deals in each stage.

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Account features

Emails & Activities

With Emails & Activities, your team can easily manage client or customer relationships in a centralized way, meaning that your team will spend less time tracking down the details for every interaction. This amazing feature will allow you to send and receive emails, create your own email templates, capture meeting notes, events, and more! All in one visually optimized timeline. This powerful feature is only included automatically with monday sales CRM.



Shared email templates

Members of monday sales CRM can create email templates and share them with their team. This functionality lets you decide whether the template you created will be available only to you, or shared with everyone on your account. 



Shared email inbox

The Emails & Activities sharing and privacy settings allow you to share access to a connected email account with your teammates. It also allows you to restrict viewing. You can customize share settings for each individual or for entire groups in your account.
The share options are:
  1. View only. All users will be limited to viewing.
  2. Read & write. If you choose "Read & write", the user will be able to view and write emails for the email connection. This permission setting is only available for monday sales CRM accounts on a Pro or Enterprise plan.
  3. Cannot view. If you choose "Cannot view" for a user or group, they will not be able to see anything related to the email connection.

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Email campaigns and mass emailing

Members of a monday sales CRM account can send email campaigns and mass emails. This allows you to simplify communication by enabling you to send out messages to multiple recipients simultaneously.

This feature can be used for:

  • email marketing campaigns
  • send introductions and materials to multiple leads
  • follow-up with multiple clients at the same time

You also have the ability to track your mailings with our mass email tracking dashboard.

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Create contacts automatically

By adjusting your Emails & Activities settings, you can begin to automatically record the names and email addresses of new contacts when you send an email to them. You can choose where to create these contacts in your monday sales CRM.


If you have multiple email inboxes connected, you can choose to only set up automatic contact creation for specific email connections. Any changes you make will apply across the entire account.

To learn more about this setting, check out the "Create contacts automatically" article.


Mobile CRM experience

For all monday sales CRM users, we offer a mobile version so you can take your CRM with you on the go! The monday sales CRM mobile experience gives you access to entries made on your four core boards-- the Leads, Deals, Account, and Contacts boards. 

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You can also use Emails & Activities on mobile to send emails, add activities, and review past communications with your contacts without ever leaving your mobile device. 🙌

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If you have any questions, please reach out to our team right here. We’re available 24/7 and happy to help.