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How to launch a Google Ads campaign from



Do you use Google Ads to manage campaigns and grow your business? Are you looking for an easy way to launch search campaigns and get robust, detailed insights on their performance right in your own account? With the Google Ads app, launching a new search campaign has never been easier! 

In this article, we'll learn all about how to launch a Google Ads search campaign in just a few steps, all from the comfort of your own account. Let's get into it. 🙌


Install the Google Ads app and template

The first step to begin using the Google Ads integration is to install the Google Ads management template onto your account. This template comes ready made with the app pre-installed in it. Additionally, the template must be used alongside the app in order for it to work properly!

To add the app and template onto your account, access the monday apps marketplace and locate the Google Ads application. After selecting the Google Ads app, click on "Use app" and then "Add to workspace" as shown below:



Next, select the specific workspace in your account which you'd like to have the Google Ads template added to and then click on the blue "Add feature" button.


Tip: To learn all about installing and setting up your Google Ads App, check out this article.


Start launching your campaign

To begin launching a new Google Ads search campaign, click on the blue "New campaign" button at the top left of your board as shown below.


Alternatively, you can also begin the process of launching a new campaign by adding a new item onto your board, clicking on the item and then into the Google Ads app to begin the process of launching your brand new campaign.



Select campaign settings

Next, it's time to define your main campaign objective! Here, you can decide whether you're looking to maximize sales, leads, or website traffic, and then fill out the way you'd like to reach your goal (by adding a website or form link).


Tip: If you choose "Leads" here, we recommend selecting to use a monday WorkForm in order to seamlessly collect your leads!


Next, fill out other campaign settings such as the location(s) the campaign will run in, its language(s), and duration!



Define the budget and bidding strategy

Next up, it's time to set up a budget and bidding strategy! Click into the "Budget" section to set your average daily budget for this campaign, and enter the "Bidding" section to define the values you want to focus on. Lastly, you can choose to add campaign negative keywords if you so wish!


Tip: To learn more about campaign terminology used in Google Ads, check out our Google Ads glossary article.


Set up ad groups

Now, it's time to set up ad groups and to define relevant keywords for your campaign! To do this, first provide your ad group with a name and then select relevant keywords. You can repeat this process to add multiple different ad groups for each campaign! 



Review and publish!

We're almost there! Before your campaign is officially launched, you'll be presented with any missing steps that you haven't completed yet. After finishing up any missing steps, we recommend to thoroughly review your final campaign details. Once you're happy with the final results, click on the blue "Publish" button. 🎉



Woohoo! After clicking on "Publish", you'll see the screen below, indicating that your campaign has been sent for approval. After your campaign has been approved by Google (usually within an hour or so), you'll be able to see your campaign details sync into your board for you to track and analyze!



Explore campaign metrics

Now that your campaign is up and running, you should see its data begin to flow into your board for you to analyze as you wish! 

To get an interactive, detailed graph of various metrics for each specific campaign, click into a campaign (item) on your board, open up the Google Ads app, and click on "Metrics". By clicking on any of the parameters at the bottom (Clicks, All conversion, Impressions, Cost), you'll be able to add that information as a line on the graph!



Furthermore, we've created a pre-set dashboard view so you can get a high-level, aggregated overview of how all of your campaigns are performing across your entire account! This view is fully customizeable, however, we've made sure to include many valuable metrics such a status overview of all campaigns, campaign budget versus cost, average conversion rate, and much more!




That's a wrap! We hope you enjoy using the Google Ads app to seamlessly launch your best search campaigns. 🌟


If you have any questions, please reach out to our team right here. We’re available 24/7 and happy to help.