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How to purchase a monday product


We're very excited to introduce you to the brand new monday products: complete end-to-end products built on top of the monday Work OS that address every need of a specific use case. 🎉

In this article, we'll review the steps for purchasing a monday product. Let's dive in!


How does it work?

Let's start off with a basic rundown of how monday products work.

The primary monday product is monday work management. By default, when you sign up for a trial, you will be testing out this product. All of our other products build off of this. You can learn more about how this works in Step 5.

If you're specifically interested in monday sales CRM, monday marketer, monday dev, or monday projects, you can add all of these on top of monday work management. To learn more about these specific products, check out this article.


Step 1: Sign up

To begin, sign up through any usual route like our homepage.

After you sign up using your email address and enter details about your account, you'll see the Template center. On the left-hand side, you'll see a category for Product templates. This is where you can add a product. Click the "+ Add product" button to enter the Product store. 



Step 2: Explore our products

In the Product store, you can explore all of the monday.com products available to add on top of monday work management. There will likely be a product recommended for you in the store based on the answers you provided when signing up.


If you're unsure or just want to check things out, you can click the "Explore product" button to learn more about it. You can test out the Pro version of any product by clicking the "Try for free" button on the product page.

Once a product is added to your account, click "See templates" for quick and easy ways to implement it. Or, if you're ready to purchase, check out the next step in this article.


Step 3: Check out

There are two ways that you can get to the purchase page from within your account. First, you can click "See plans" beneath your profile photo, or you can click on your profile photo and select "Upgrade" from the menu.


Once you're on the purchase page, you'll see that the options you are testing on your trial are already selected and included for you.


Step 4: Select your subscription

You have the option to subscribe to a yearly or monthly plan. The plans are named for the frequency of your payments. If you choose a yearly plan, you will save 18% as compared to paying for a year through a monthly subscription. 



Step 5: Select your plan

When you begin the purchase flow, monday work management will always be selected by default to start. You can not opt-out of monday work management. This is because all monday.com products are built off of monday work management and this product has all of the basic building blocks to get you started. While you can choose to only work from monday work management, products are a great way to supercharge your workflows.

To choose a product to add to your account, scroll down and tick the checkbox to the left of the product's name. 


Once on this page, you will need to select a plan-- Free (formerly called "Individual"), Basic, Standard, Pro, or Enterprise. The plan you select will also apply to the products that you purchase. You can not choose different plans for each product. For example, if you select the Pro plan for monday work management and then choose to add monday sales CRM, your CRM will also be on the Pro plan.


Step 6: Allocate seats

You can select the number of seats you would like to purchase for each product. Unlike choosing a plan, you can have a different number of seats for monday work management and for any product you choose. As long as you have monday work management seats equal to or greater than the other product seats, you're good to go!

For example, if I want to purchase 5 seats for monday marketer and 5 seats for monday sales CRM, I will need to purchase 10 seats for monday work management.



Step 7: Confirmation

You will receive confirmation via email of your choice and the amount you were charged.




Each of our products is individually priced based on the features and functionality available. If you'd like to learn more about pricing, please take a look at our monday products pricing and features article.

You can also check out the pricing page to see a comparative list of features and get an idea of what you need.



If you have any questions, please reach out to our team using our contact form. We're available 24/7 and happy to help!

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