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monday marketer for Enterprise


From content strategies to digital asset management, all the way to planning and executing campaigns, managing a marketing team involves many intricate processes. Built on top of monday.com Work OS, monday marketer allows you to manage all of your marketing needs in one robust, collaborative workspace.

Read on to learn about using monday marketer to optimize your marketing processes!


Overview of the workflow

With monday marketer for Enterprise, you'll find a variety of customizable boards and dashboards categorized into folders according to different marketing use cases. While each board works well independently, they are also built to work together to provide you with a holistic workflow encompassing all your marketing needs.

As we go over the separate boards we'll also discuss how they can work together. 🙌

Show the available marketing use cases
  • Marketing Planning
  • Creative Processes
  • Event Management
  • Marketing Projects
  • Media Production
  • Brand & Content
  • Performance & Analytics




Plan your marketing initiatives

First up, you'll find the Marketing Planning folder which contains the Marketing Plan and Campaign Planning boards, two boards central to the entire marketing workflow.


The Marketing Plan board is the go-to for defining high-level goals, planning budgets, setting metrics to measure, and more! Management can easily input each marketing initiative as an item, fill out relevant column data, and map out the year ahead!

Once a new initiative is ready, the "Project/Event Start?" column can be used to instantly create a new project board for it to be managed thanks to our editable, pre-set automations. 🙌


Tip: Take your collaboration a step further by using monday workdocs to brainstorm with your team!


Plan each campaign end-to-end and track all the necessary details about them, such as the platform it's running on, its status, costs, impact, and more! Any campaign request, added manually or via a form, will funnel directly into here for your team to manage.


Tip: On the Marketing Planning board, you'll find a Connect Boards Column which you can use to connect and sync specific campaigns to their respective marketing initiatives!


Oversee creative processes

As a marketing team, creatives sit at the heart of nearly everything. To make sure your creative process needs are met, use the Creative Production board, the one-stop-shop for developing designs and content for campaigns and other marketing initiatives.

On this board, you can connect each creative to its respective campaign to instantly sync over all of the information needed to ensure that everyone is aligned!




Once your creatives are polished and ready, you can automatically transfer them to your go-to file database, the Asset Library (DAM) board!

This board is set to display the Cards View by default, consolidating all files and their relevant details in an easy-to-view gallery. Clicking on a file will open a preview which you can annotate to communicate with your team, set multiple file versions, and more!



Manage events from A-Z

Overseeing a successful marketing event is a complex project to say the least. Using the boards in the Event Management folder, you can stay on top of your marketing events from logistic planning, to managing RSVP's, gathering feedback, and even turning satisfied attendees into potential sales leads!

Remove the stress from the RSVP process by effectively capturing and automating your event guest lists through monday forms. Once your events are over, you can use a different form on the Event Feedback board to seamlessly gather feedback from the attendees. 🙌


Tip: Changing the labels of the "send request" Status Column will trigger a new request to be created in the relevant board and its information will be linked back here!


Complete a successful product launch

With the Marketing Product Launch board, you can map out all aspects of a product that you're launching, all the way from creation to post-launch, to ensure its success. Furthermore, with the Gantt View preset on this board, you'll have a clear and organized visualization of your project's plan to ensure your deadlines are met!



Streamline media production

To manage all of your video creation processes from video request submissions, to the creation of a video itself, analyzing data and more, check out the Media Production folder!

Streamline all video requests using the "Video Requests" board, complete with a form for easy submissions. Any new video request submitted through this form, or via an automation from another board, will populate directly into here for your team to manage.



Manage branding and content

Staying on-brand while producing powerful content and social media posts is a crucial aspect of marketing work. Using the boards in the "Brand & Content" folder, you can handle all of your content needs from creating blog posts, building social media strategies, SEO optimization, and more!

The Content Management board, the place to oversee all of your content at a high level, is set to the Calendar View by default where you can get an overview of your teams content posts month by month.



Not only this, but the team can instantly submit content requests in from other boards such as the Campaign Planning, Marketing Product Launch and Event Planning boards, and more, using the preset automations located there! 



Oversee marketing data

And finally, one of the most important aspects of managing a marketing team is the ability to analyze data at a high-level. Doing so allows you to continuously measure progress and best prepare for the future ahead. The monday marketer product provides you a tool just for that by using the Campaign Performance board and the dashboards located in the Performance & Analytics folder!


This dashboard comes loaded with many customizable widgets such as the Numbers Widget, Chart Widget, Gantt View, and more that allow you to aggregate data from your many marketing projects into reports for you and your team.

Tip: Try using our Facebook Ads Integration to sync crucial campaign data (impressions, clicks per day, and more) onto your Campaign Performance board. This information can then be pulled into your dashboard for you to anlayze!


Have fun with it!

These boards, views, dashboards, and more are intended to be a starting point to help you get up and running with your workflow! You can use these exact boards if they're right for you, but don't be afraid to experiment and test out all of the amazing features on monday.com!

Make sure to explore the Columns Center to see all of the ways you can use columns as building blocks to build your own unique board! You can also customize your own automations, enable loads of integrations, and pull in data from multiple boards into high-level dashboards to really connect the dots in your marketing workflows. 🤩





If you have any questions, please reach out to our team right here. We’re available 24/7 and happy to help.