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monday projects for Enterprise


Managing a work team can be a constant juggle of multiple tasks. From making sure your team is staying on top of deadlines, to balancing multiple projects, and effectively communicating with each other, project managers have several complexities to manage. By using one platform to strategize, collaborate, and execute projects, you can be sure that your projects will remain organized with monday projects. 🎉    


Overview of the workflow

With monday projects, you have an entire project management office built into your work OS in one click! With monday projects, you'll find several easily customizable boards and dashboards seen below at your disposal to manage your projects most effectively: 

  • Project Approvals
  • Portfolio Management
  • Risk Register
  • Resource Allocation
  • Project boards
  • PTO requests
  • Lessons Learned & Issues log board
  • Project summary document 

These boards and dashboards make up a highly efficient management office where you have everything accessible to you in one workspace. No more chasing team members for data, files, or updates — monday projects allows you to manage everything in real-time from one live, accessible space.   




Keep track of your requests

Looking to have a clear and concise board that shows all of your project requests as they come in? We've got you covered. The Project Approval board is structured into four different groups representing the four varying stages of a project:

  • New Requests
  • Under Consideration
  • Approved
  • Rejected Requests

Each group contains different requests that are submitted and automatically entered into this board. The columns indicate various pieces of information and data that are required for the team in order to evaluate these new requests. Our default groups and columns promote PMO workflow, but they are fully customizable depending on your individual preferences! 



Tip: A great way to intake new data and submit requests into your Project Approval board is through monday Forms. Check out this article for more information!


Automate your workflow

Once the status of a project is marked as "Approved" in the Project Approvals board, it will automatically move to the Portfolio Management board thanks to our automations feature! This is an automation customized in our Automation Center as seen below: 


Once a project is in the Project Management portfolio to be worked on, set an automation so that a new individual project board is created for all the specific details of the project and the owner (referred to as PM here) is notified:  



Manage your portfolio

Once a project is approved, it will automatically be added as a new item in our Portfolio Management board under "Upcoming Projects." This centralized, high-level board connects all of the information found in your individual project boards. Easily oversee where your projects stand and visualize information easily, such as the type of project, the timeline and the allocated budget:  


You can find a detailed explanation on how to use this board right here


Tip: The Portfolio Management Board is also linked to the Risk Register Board. You can see the associated risks easily by clicking on the project name in the PM board where this information will be showcased in widgets. 


Display your project details

View the finer details of the approved projects in your Portfolio Management board within your individual project boards. The project boards are low-level boards that allow you to manage all the ins and outs of your project easily. The board is divided into groups that categorize the stages of the project, columns that reflect the data, and different views that allow you to visualize your board's information for analyzation purposes:


Oversee your risks

Want to easily identify potential setbacks within your active projects? The Risk Register Board is used as a risk management tool to do just this! Each group is linked to an individual project in the Portfolio and is further segmented by columns calculating the risk status, probability, impact, and risk level.

  • The Portfolio Management column is automatically linked to the relevant item in the dedicated project board within the Projects folder, which allows us to see the full picture from the Portfolio Management board.
  • The Risk level column tells you the associated risk level for each project from very low to very high depending on several factors calculated in a formula. You can use conditional coloring to apply coloring to cells based on the status. 



Visualize your resource allocation

Looking to easily visualize your projects' data and specifically how your resources are allocated across your team? In our Resource Allocation Dashboard, we use a Workload widget to show how your team's work is divided and the upcoming timeline for everyone's tasks. This data can be shown from one or more boards depending on what boards you link to the Dashboard!    


Tip: Be sure to add as many widgets as you'd like to your Dashboard! The widgets are easily customizable to your liking. Check out this article for more information! 


Ready-made boards for your convenience

Let's take a glance at the extra boards that are included with monday projects! These boards are advantageous for project managers' day-to-day needs: 

  • PTO requests board - keep track of your team's PTO requests and approved time off in one simple board! This board also includes all public holidays to view at a glance to make things easier.


  • Lessons Learned and Issues Log

This board is broken down into groups highlighting each project currently being worked on. The items within the groups are used to record notes that call attention to missteps or successes within the project. You can easily track the impact any situation had on the project and propose solutions to improve the team workflow. 


Tip: Easily connect this board to the Project Management board so that each time a project is approved, it will be reflected in this board!


  • Project Summary workdoc

Our Project Summary document utilizes one of our favorite monday.com features — monday workdocs — to summarize a project in the way that suits your needs! Project Managers can use project summaries to communicate project milestones, reports, and updates. This workdoc is completely customizable — whether you are wanting to take notes from a brainstorming session or present reports to your team. 





We're excited to bring you monday projects to help you elevate your team's workflow. Having an all-in-one project management office at your disposal will only help your team prosper and your projects come to fruition seamlessly. 🎉     




If you have any questions, please reach out to our team right here. We’re available 24/7 and happy to help.