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monday products pricing and features

If you're looking to learn more about how our pricing works with the new monday products that we offer, you've come to the right place! In this article, we will cover all the basics about our different product types and plans, and we'll show you step-by-step how to upgrade to a paid plan.



What are monday products?

monday products are complete end-to-end products built on top of monday.com Work OS to address the needs of a specific use case. Whether you're looking to use monday.com for marketing, project management, CRM, or software development, you can use our products for a full, ready-made solution that can be fully customized to suit your own needs. 

As our products are built on the monday.com Work OS, choosing to purchase any product will provide you and your team with the same flexibility, connectivity, and ease of use that you already know and love from monday.com. 🌟



Available product types

We currently offer four different product types for you to choose from! They are:

  • monday marketer: a complete marketing product that connects all things marketing from social strategy to content planning, campaigns, product launches, and more.
  • monday CRM: an all-in-one CRM product that allows business owners and sales teams to manage all aspects of a sales cycle and customer data.
  • monday projects: a powerful project management product that provides one platform to strategize, execute, and collaborate on any project.
  • monday dev: a product for software development teams to collaborate together on product roadmaps, sprints, release plans, customer feedback, backlogs, and more.


Features included

Prior to purchasing a product, you may be wondering exactly which features and workflows are included in them. To get a full breakdown of the features within each of our products, check out our pricing page!

From the pricing page, select the product of choice from the left side and then scroll down and click on the arrow to the right of "Complete features list" as below.



Trial a product

If you'd like to play around with one of our products without committing to purchasing it right away, we offer a free two-week trial on the Pro tier of any one of our products at any time!

To start your free trial of a product, click on the grid icon on the bottom left corner of your screen (right above your profile picture) and then click on "Explore more products". From, locate the product that you want to trial out and then select "Explore product" and "Try for free" to get started with your free trial right away. 🙌



Purchasing a product as a new account

Once you're ready to purchase a monday product, it can be done with the click of a couple buttons! Follow the steps below to get started with a product right away.


Step 1: Choose your monday work management plan

Since our products are add-ons to the main monday work management platform, the first step would be to get started with a free trial on a monday work management plan (if you do not have a plan already). You can easily start a free trial from the monday.com homepage or from the pricing page!

If on the pricing page, make sure to select the purple monday work management icon on the left side of the screen and then choose the plan tier that you'd like to go with (Free, Basic, Standard, Pro, or Enterprise):


Next, choose the number of seats you'd like to purchase. The minimum number of seats you can choose is 3 seats. Then choose whether you want to pay monthly or yearly (the yearly plan includes an 18% discount!):


Once you've chosen your plan, you'll automatically start your free 14-day Pro plan trial! Should you choose to continue with us at the end of these two weeks, you will then start your paid plan of choice.


Step 2: Add products to your account

From your monday work management free trial or paid plan, you'll be able to easily add on a product (or multiple!) onto your account. To do this, click on your profile picture on the lower left side of the screen and then click on "Upgrade" or from the billing category in the admin section of your account.



Note: Products are not available on the free plan.


From here, you can choose the products that you'd like to add to your account, as well as the number of seats that you want for each of them (you can have a different number of seats on each product if you wish).

To choose a product to add to your account, click on the dropdown menu on the top left of the screen, and select the product of choice. You can also choose "Multiple Work OS Products" if you'd like to select and purchase multiple products at once!


Note: All products must be on the same plan tier. For example, if you choose the Pro plan for monday sales CRM, all of your other chosen products must be on the Pro plan as well. 


Step 3: Review your plan summary and proceed to purchase

As soon as you've chosen your desired products and the number of seats for each, you'll find a full plan summary on the right side of your screen as shown below. Once you review your chosen plan, you can click on the blue "Continue" button on the bottom right to proceed!



After adding your payment details and submitting your purchase, you should then have all of your chosen products immediately added to your account! You can toggle between your products from the grid button at the bottom left of your screen at all times.



Purchasing a product as an existing subscriber

If you've been a loyal monday.com subscriber, we want to thank you! We're happy to walk you through the steps for purchasing a product within your existing account. Follow these steps to get started with your product of choice right away.


Step 1: Explore more products

Our specialty products are add-ons to monday work management. To get started with additional products, click on the grid icon above your profile picture and select "Explore more products".


In the Product store, you'll see all of your options. Click on "Explore product" to learn more about any product.


From there, you can choose to begin a 14-day trial by clicking "Try for free". After you click "Try for free", your chosen product will be installed on your account.


And you'll be redirected to that product to get started!


Step 2: Upgrade your trial

If you choose not to move forward with a product, the product will be removed from your account at the end of your trial. However, if you find that the product is exactly what you needed to complete your suite of work products (and we hope that's the case!), you can make the installation permanent by purchasing the product.

To complete your purchase, do to your profile avatar, then "Admin", and then "Billing" to see your current trials. Click on the three-dot menu in the top left corner of the product tile that you'd like to purchase. Select "Upgrade" from the menu.



Step 1: Make your selections

Clicking "Upgrade" will open a window where you can select the products you want to purchase. There are four steps to complete an upgrade.

  1. Tick the box to the left of the product name.
  2. Select the plan tier. If you choose a different tier than the tier your monday work management plan is currently on, your monday work management plan's tier will also change accordingly.
  3. Choose the number of seats you want to purchase for this product. This number can be lower than the number of seats for your monday work management plan, but it can't be higher. If you choose more seats than you currently have on your monday work management plan, your monday work management plan will also change accordingly.
  4. Review the "Plan Summary" on the right to make sure that you are happy with your selections. Click "Continue" to proceed to the checkout page.


Note: As noted in the instructionss, monday work management and your chosed products must be on the same plan tier. For example, if you choose the Pro plan for monday work management, all of the products you choose will have to be on the Pro plan as well. 


Step 3: Proceed to purchase

After you click "Continue", you'll see a summary of your new plan. If you'd like to make changes, click on the arrow to the left to return to the previous screen. You can also click the "X" to cancel.

But if you're happy and you'd like to proceed, click "Submit purchase"! Your card on file for your initial monday work management purchase will be charged.


And that's it. Congratulations on your purchase! We know you'll be happy with the way the monday Work OS transforms your work.



This is just the beginning! We hope you enjoy using our new monday products. We're excited for what's next. 🎉



If you have any questions, please reach out to our team right here. We’re available 24/7 and happy to help.