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Sync with Apple Calendar


Note: This feature is no longer being maintained. The feature remains available for those who have used it in the past. If you're new to monday.com or looking for a refresh and you're still interested in using your calendar with monday.com, check out the Google Calendar Integration or the Outlook Calendar Integration instead.


You already have a clear and organized workflow in your monday.com account, but what about all of the meetings and reminders in your external calendar? We'll show you how to sync all of your items and tasks to your external calendar so you can see everything in one place. 

Take it one step further and set up Alert Reminders with your external calendar so you'll never miss a deadline, no matter what. Keep reading to find out how to use them with
Apple Calendar!  


Add a compatible column

First, make sure your board includes one or both of the compatible columns.

The Date Column:


Or the Timeline Column:


After you have filled all of your data into these new columns, you are ready to sync your calendar.


Grab the calendar URL

The Apple Calendar integration is not a two-way sync. However, you can sync your monday.com events to your Apple Calendar.


Step 1

We're going to open up our Column Settings just as we've done in the previous section. 


Step 2

Under "Sync column to calendar" we have two sync options: Google Calendar and Other Calendars. From the "Other Calendars" option, we can add any internet-based calendar that we use outside of monday.com! We'll just click "Sync" to the right of "Other Calendars" as indicated below:



Step 3

This window will pop up, allowing us to choose whether we want to sync only the "Items assigned to me" or "All the items on this board". After we select an option, we just have to click "Sync"!



Step 4

Now we have generated a URL address that we can use on our Apple Calendar. We'll copy this link, and head over to Apple Calendar.



Create a calendar subscription

Step 5

With our calendar open, we'll click "File" in our computer's toolbar and then click "New Calendar Subscription".



Step 6

Now we can paste our monday.com calendar URL into the field below and click "Subscribe". 



Step 7

In the pop-up window, we can name our imported calendar and update its settings (including how often the calendar auto-refreshes from updates in monday.com) before clicking "OK". 


And that's it! Now we can see all of our calendars listed in the left pane, and even deselect some of the calendars to filter what tasks we view. All of our monday.com tasks appear in red in our calendar, but we can right-click the calendar's name to customize the color.



Set up alerts

After integrating your Timeline or Date Columns with your external calendar, you can quickly set up alerts for upcoming item deadlines. That way, the alerts will pop up even if you don't have your monday.com account open!

All you have to do is set reminders from your external calendar, and you will receive all of your monday.com item reminders in your external calendar.


If you have any questions, please reach out to our team by using our contact form. We're available 24/7 and happy to help!

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