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The Workspace Dropdown Navigation

As you may already know, organization is of utmost importance to us here at monday.com. With this in mind, we created Workspaces, which provide your account with a hierarchy of organization to help you better manage multiple departments, teams, and projects in one unified place. 

In order to further improve the Workspace experience that we already have, we're proud to introduce to you the Workspace dropdown navigation! With this new navigation experience, managing your Workspaces and moving around between them has never been easier. 🙌



What changed?

Previously, all of your Workspaces were listed in the left pane of your account in the form of icons. By clicking on any of these icons, you were able to quickly jump from Workspace to Workspace.



Now, with the dropdown navigation located at the top left of your screen, you are able to instantly identify the relevant Workspace by both their icon and their name, making the ability to move around between your Workspaces a breeze!



How it works

The navigation experience works by allowing you to easily scroll through your most relevant Workspaces. Then, by clicking on a Workspace, you will be directed to its homepage (rather than that Workspace's board's list, like with the old navigation experience), providing you with the ability to seamlessly access recent boards and manage other features relating to that Workspace!



  • The order of listed Workspaces

When clicking into the dropdown menu, you'll see the Workspaces that you are subscribed to listed in alphabetical order, following the main account Workspace. 


When scrolling down, you'll find a section titled "Workspaces I collaborate on". Here, you can easily locate Workspaces that you are not subscribed to, but that you are subscribed to a board or a dashboard within them.



  • The Workspace homepage

When selecting your desired Workspace, you'll be directed to its homepage, where you can quickly navigate to recently visited boards/dashboards. Additionally, you can use this page to manage the subscribers and permissions (available on the Enterprise plan only) of that Workspace.



Browse all workspaces

To browse all Workspaces on your account, including those that you are not subscribed to and do not appear in the dropdown, simply click on the "Browse all" button at the bottom of the navigation screen as so:



Create a new Workspace

Similarly, if you are looking to add a new Workspace to your account, you can also do so from the same dropdown menu by clicking on the "Add workspace" button.



Your feedback counts!

As always, we would love to hear what you think of new features that we release! If you're interested in providing us with feedback on your experience with the new dropdown navigation, you can do so by clicking on the three-dot menu above the dropdown and select "Give Feedback":



Reactivating the Workspace icon menu

If you'd like to have the old Workspace icon menu in addition to the new dropdown navigation, you can choose to activate it through monday.labs. From this section, simply click on "Activate" next to "Re-activate Workspace Navigation Bar" as so:


Once complete, you'll then be able to use both the new dropdown navigation as well as the previous icon navigation bar on the left side! 🙌


Note: In the future, we will be removing the option to re-add the Workspace icon navigation to the left pane. Keep this in mind if you choose to reactivate this feature!


And, that's a wrap! If you have any questions, please reach out to our team by using our contact form. We're available 24/7 and happy to help!