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Slack Integration: Private Channels


To use private channels with the Slack Integration, you must go into each private channel in Slack and add the monday.com app. For instructions on how to add the app to a private channel, read on!



Step 1

Go to your slack account. Open the private channel that you would like to use with the integration. Locate the "i" in the upper right-hand corner. Click to open the "Details" menu. From there, click on the three-dot menu "More" and select "Add apps":



Step 2

Search for "monday" to locate the monday.com app. Click "Add" to add the app to your private channel.



Note:  You must repeat this process for each private channel that you would like to use with the Slack Integration.


Step 3

Go to your monday.com account and follow the steps to set up the Slack Integration. When you set up any recipe requiring that you select a channel, you will now see the option to select your private channel:




If you still aren't able to add the private channel to your integration recipe, you'll need to remove monday.com from Slack and then reauthenticate. Please check out this article for instructions on how to remove an app or customer integration from Slack. Once you've removed the app, follow the steps to set up the integration and/or add the app again.


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