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Workspace permissions

Workspace permissions allow your team control over what actions can be done by which team members in the workspace. Workspace owners can set up permissions based on the needs of the workspace and the individual teams. Feel secure and ready for action with these workspace permission settings!


How it works

Workspace permissions will harshen any permissions set up on the account level ie. if your account level permissions is set to allow only admins to create private boards, the workspace permissions cannot be set to allow all team members to create private boards. Keep in mind, both the admin and workspace owner will be able to make changes to the workspace permissions. 


Note: Workspace permissions are available only to Enterprise accounts. To learn more about workspaces in general, check this out.


Setting up workspace permissions

The workspace permissions can be found by going to the workspace page by clicking on the workspace name itself (not the icon).

Then, select the "Permissions" tab on the left side of the page.




Once you are on the Permissions tab, you can limit who on your account can create Private, Shareable and Main boards, who can create dashboards and who can create automations in the workspace.

To learn more about all the other permissions you can set up on your account, check out this article


Note: We will be adding more workspace permissions to this page... Stay tuned!🎉




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