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How to custom-design your board


You already know that you can customize your board with columns, groups, and views. But did you know that you can customize the design of your board from visual things like the colors and sizes all the way to reports like summaries and footers? Let's check out all of the custom-design features you can apply to your board!


Color your groups 

You can really transform the look of your board with a simple change in color scheme. The group color appears in the group's name, beside each item in the group, and in the Timeline Column, so it has a pretty big impact on the look of your board. 


Tip: Check out this article to learn all about groups.


Color your status labels 

You can push your board's color scheme even further by playing with the colors of your Status Columns. With 40 different colors to choose from, you can go wild! 



Change your display theme

Do you ever have those days where your eyes start to hurt and your head begins to ache from hours of looking at a bright screen? We feel you! This is why we've decided to create Dark, Night and Hacker Models. Check out this article for more information. 


Tip:  Make sure to also check out your mobile app in Dark Mode


Conditional coloring 

You can use conditional coloring to make certain cells in your columns stand out! Create conditions for values on your board to see all of the cells that meet your conditions highlighted in the color of your choice! 



Rename your items

We know your board is technically full of "items", but it doesn't have to be! What if it was full of "projects" or "clients" or "appointments"? You can customize your item's terminology to whatever makes the most sense with your board! Check out this article to learn how! 



Resize your items and columns

You can play with the sizes of the elements on your board by changing the height of your items and the width of your columns! 

  • Resize your items

If you have an item with a longer name and can't see it all at once, you can make your item taller to display more information at once. You can choose between single, double, or triple item height! Check out this article to learn more!




  • Resize your columns

Some columns are more important than others, or have longer text to be displayed. So it's a good thing you can customize the width of each of your columns individually! To get the perfect size, just click and drag your columns exactly as you like them! 




Reorganize groups and columns

Usually, when we add new groups and columns to our board, they are added at the bottom or far right of our board. But this doesn't mean that that's where they belong! We can easily click and drag groups and columns around our board so that they appear in order of relevance, chronological order, or any other system that makes sense to you! 


Tip:  For more tips and tricks on how to reorganize your board, check out this article about sorting your items! 


Hiding columns 

Some of the columns on your board may be important, although you don't need to see them all the time. In this case, you can easily hide them from view, or collapse and expand them whenever you need to refer back!



Summarize your data

It can be really helpful to be able to glance at a summary when we need to quickly review data or check the status of our projects. Let's check out a few ways to do this:

  • Column Summary 

You can add a column summary to any of the columns on your boards! This can show you anything from which labels, values, and people appear in your columns, to the sum of the numbers on your board! Check out this article to learn more about this!



  • Group and board footer

When your group is collapsed, you can see an overview of every column that has a column summary! At the bottom of your board, you have a footer showing overviews of all of the columns with column summaries!


If you have any questions, please reach out to our team right here. We’re available 24/7 and happy to help.