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Receive monday.com Notifications in Slack

Do you find yourself corresponding often with your teammates in Slack? Since you're checking Slack often, wouldn't it be great if you could check your important monday.com notifications there as well? Good news - now you can! Set up an integration that shows your most relevant monday.com notifications right inside Slack! Let's take a look at how it works!


Which notifications appear in Slack?

Since you already get all of your notifications through your Bell Notification Center and your Inbox, we want to make sure that you only get the notifications most relevant to you inside Slack. The notifications integration notifies you with a Slack notification when:

  • Someone assigns you to an item
  • Someone mentions you in their update or reply


How does it work?

When you receive a monday.com notification in Slack, it appears just like all your other direct messages! It depends on your settings, but typically you'll see the notification pop up on the right-hand corner of your desktop, and hear the sound that means you've received a new notification!

To view the notification, scroll to the bottom of your left panel under "Apps", and expand the monday.com conversation! From here, you can see a preview of the notification, and can even "Like" it right from within Slack!


If you need to see more details, you can click "View item in monday" for a direct link to the item in a new window in your browser!



Note:  Like other apps in Slack, typical reactions such as adding emojis and starting a thread on your monday.com notifications will not notify your team members. Instead, click "View item in monday" to correspond in the Updates Section of the item itself! 


How do I set it up?

This feature is enabled across your entire account, which means that only your account admin has the permissions to enable or disable this feature for everyone in your account. So if you are not an account admin and you would like to use this feature, what can you do?


  • If you are not an account admin

If you see a banner that looks like the image below in your Bell Notifications Center, Inbox, or Notifications Settings, click "Learn More"!


You will automatically be redirected to your Notifications Settings where you can learn more about this feature, and request it from your account admin! Just click "Enable Slack Notifications" to send a request to your Admin for the integration setup!



  • If you are an account admin

If you are an account admin and have received a request from your team members to enable the Slack Notifications Integration or have seen a banner and want to set it up, click the banner, or head over to your Admin or Notifications Settings, and click "Enable Slack Notifications" like we did in the previous section! 

Now, you'll be able to see what monday.com will be able to do and view once this integration is set up. You can click the arrow beside the terms for more information. If you agree with these permissions, click "Allow".


Next, you'll need to authorize Slack to access some of your data in monday.com. If you agree, click "Authorize". 


And that's it! You're ready to receive your monday.com notifications in Slack!


Note:  We are still rolling out this feature to all of our users, so if you don't see the banner on your account, it may not have gotten to you yet. No worries, just reach out to our Customer Success Team to request this feature on your account!


How can I disable it?

If you don't want to receive your monday.com notifications within Slack, you can mute them! Head to Slack and scroll down to the bottom of your left pane, where your apps are listed. Right-click on the monday.com app, and then click "Mute conversation" like this:


If you ever want to re-enable your notifications, you can follow the same steps, but this time, click "Unmute conversation"!



If you have any questions, feel free to reach out to our Customer Success Team at support@monday.com! We're here for you 24/7 and happy to help! :)