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Mobile app - Bell Notifications

One of the best parts of using the monday.com mobile app is getting all of your notifications right to your mobile device! But what types of notifications are you receiving? Where can you check them? How do you manage them? Can you turn them on and off? Keep reading to answer all of your questions and become a notifications master! 🔔


Where are my Bell Notifications?

When you're looking at your mobile device's dashboard or home screen, you can see the number of notifications waiting for you in a little red circle at the top-right corner of your monday.com mobile app's icon! To check your notifications, first, open up the app!

You can find your Bell Notifications in two different places!

  • Boards List

When on your boards list screen, you can get to your notifications by clicking the little bell icon at the top right corner of your screen:


  • Left Panel

From any screen, you can click the hamburger menu at the top left corner to open up the left panel. From there, select "Notifications"!



What kind of notifications appear there? 

The "Notifications" section is where you receive all of the information that's specifically relevant to you (i.e something you were tagged in, assigned to, a reply to an update you wrote, etc). You will receive notifications here whenever someone:

  • Crowns you as an admin on the account
  • Assigns you to an item in a People Column
  • Mentions you in an update or a reply to an update
  • Mentions a team you are a part of in an update
  • Replies to an update you wrote
  • Subscribes you to an item or board
  • Deletes an item or board you are subscribed to
  • Archives an item or board you are subscribed to
  • When automations on your boards activate any of the above actions

Take a look at this article to learn more about the differences between different types of notifications in your account. 


Can I turn off my notifications?

When you receive notifications, you will see a banner appear across your locked screen or opened screen with some extended details regarding your notification!


If you don't want to be notified this way each time you receive a notification, you can disable them in your settings! Scroll to the bottom of your left pane, and click "Settings":


Once in your settings menu, you can toggle the "Push Notifications" button on and off!



How can I manage my notifications?

When you receive notifications, a little red circle appears at the top right corner of your app's icon with the number of unread notifications you have in your Bell Notifications Center. When you open your notifications, the number will disappear, but all of your new, unread notifications will remain highlighted in blue until you delete them or mark them as "read". 

To mark a notification as "read", click the 3 dots on the right side of your notification and then click "Mark as read". The notification will turn white, but remain in your notification center. 


To delete a notification, click the 3 dots on the right side of your notification and then click "Delete". The notification will be removed from your notification center. 



Note:  You can control what kind of notifications you receive from your browser! Check out this article to learn how. 


Can I filter my notifications?

You can filter your notifications to make them easier to check! There are three tabs at the top of your Notifications Center. Let's go through each of them together. 

  • All

The "All" tab will show you all of the notifications in your notification history, no matter how they are categorized. 


  • Unread

The "Unread" tab shows you all unread updates! Using this tab is a great way to only see the notifications you haven't yet dealt with so you can quickly get through them and get back to work! After you mark a notification as "read", it will remain in this window until you close your Notifications Center or switch tabs so that you have time to mark it as unread or delete it if you choose to!


  • Today

The "Today" tab shows you all of the notifications that you received in the past 24 hours! It's a great way to narrow down your notifications to view only the most recent ones. 


  • Search

You can filter your notifications by searching for a specific keyword! This can be anything from a team member to the name of a board or an item! Click the search bar at the top of the screen and begin typing in a keyword to narrow down your notifications only to those relevant to your search!



We hope this helps you stay on top of your work and stay in touch with your team members!




If you have any questions, please reach out to our team right here. We're available 24/7 and happy to help.