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What are team members?


You've seen us refer to "team members" when it comes to setting up your account, so what exactly do we mean? You can have two different types of members on your team: members and viewers. These are two distinct user types that have significantly different abilities. Each type can be used for different purposes. Read on to learn more!



Members have the ability to edit any board on the account that they have access to. That means all Main boards and any Shareable or Private boards to which they have been subscribed.


A member can do the following:

  • Create and edit a board
  • Create and edit items
  • Create and edit folders
  • Invite other members inside a board and item
  • Viewing capabilities of all main boards
  • Be invited to shareable or private boards
  • Edit their profile
  • Communicate and add attachments


Who should be made a member?

Anyone who works with a project's details and needs to edit content on the account should be made a member. Your core team is usually made up, primarily, of members.

If an individual is external to your company, but you would still like them to have the ability to edit, we recommend looking into the role of a guest.



Viewers are also a type of team member. Unlike members, viewers can't edit anything on the account. They only have the right to view all of the main boards on your account and any Shareable or Private boards to which they have been subscribed.

While members count towards the seats you paid for, viewers are a free user type. 


A viewer can do the following:

  • View all main boards in the account
  • Open an item and read the updates of any board they have access to
  • Search or filter within a board
  • Be invited to Shareable or Private boards
  • Edit their profile
  • Invite new viewers (unless the admin blocks this setting)
  • Open the board views 
  • Be assigned to an item
  • Be added to a team 
  • Subscribe themselves and others to an item/board
  • Export boards to Excel

A viewer cannot:

  • Create/delete a board
  • Make any changes to any content on a board
  • Make any changes to the structure of a board
  • Change any setting of the board
  • Add updates to an item or like an update posted by someone else
  • Be assigned as the owner of a board
  • invite a guest to a shareable board
  • Create a team


Who should be made a viewer?

Any person who needs to review content on your account but who doesn't need to edit. Some senior members of your team who are overseeing a project but not participating in the execution of the project would be suitable as viewers. Likewise, if an intern is helping with minor tasks and needs to be assigned on some boards but does not need the ability to edit, you can add them to your account as a viewer.

If an individual is external to your company and you want them to be able to review some content without the ability to edit, we do not recommend making them a viewer. Viewers can see all main boards in your account by default. Instead, we recommend inviting them as a guest to specific Shareable boards and restricting their ability to edit with board permissions.


How to tell the difference

Ability to edit

The primary difference between members and viewers is their ability to edit. If you're wondering whether your account is classified as a member or a viewer, check whether or not you're able to edit a board. If you aren't able to edit a board, you will see this message at the top of your screen when you try to do so:



Eye icon

Another giveaway is the eye icon. If there is an eye icon on the lower right-hand corner of a person's avatar, that person is a viewer:



List of users

If you're an admin and you're looking to better understand how one of your team members is classified in your account, you can check the Users tab of the Admin section of your account to see what a team member's user type is.

First, go to your avatar and navigate to Admin:


And then choose Users from the left-hand menu:


You'll then see a list of all the people who are registered as users on your monday.com account. Their user type will be listed to the right of their name.


Change a member's user type

Only admins can change a member's user type. To change someone's user type, navigate to your avatar > Admin > Users. There you will see a list of all of the people on your account. From there, locate the user and click on their current user type to the right of their name. From the resulting menu, select the type of user (Admin, Member, Viewer or Guest) which you'd like to change them to.


A pop-up notification will ask you to confirm the change. If you try to change a viewer to a member, you will see the following message:


If you try to change a member to a viewer, you will see the following message:


Once you confirm the change in the pop-up, your change will be saved! The member/viewer will simply need to refresh to see the change on their end.



If you have any questions, please reach out to our team right here. We're available 24/7 and happy to help.