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Mobile app - The Status Column


The Status Column allows you to see where your tasks stand at all times! You can use it to categorize or label your items by type, department, phase, and more — the label options are limitless. 🌟 


How to add the column in the app

To add the column, simply click on the blue plus sign at the bottom right corner of your screen when viewing your board:


Now, select "New Column" and then "Status" from the column choices:



Edit labels

To edit your labels, click on any cell in the Status Column, scroll down through your status labels and choose "Edit Labels":



  • Change the name of your labels

You can change the name of your labels by clicking the pencil icon to the right of your label. Click "Save" when you're happy with the new name!


  • Move your labels

You can change the order of your labels by clicking on the vertical three dot menu to the left of the label and dragging it up or down into a new order. Click "Save" when you're done.



  • Choose more colors

You can choose different color labels by selecting the color of your choice:



Other settings 

To reach the column's Settings menu, click the column's name to open up the drop-down menu. From here, you can choose to:

  • Collapse - hide the column from your board temporarily. You can always click the column to open it back up
  • Description - add a column description so that board members know what its purpose is.
  • A-Z - sort your items according to the alphabetical order of your status labels
  • Z-A - sort your items according to the reverse alphabetical order of your status labels
  • Edit name - edit your Status Column's name
  • Delete - delete this column from your board






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