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The New Board Filters

While your boards fill up with tons of information, our board filters can help you narrow it down to the specific information that you need. Draw conclusions and save time navigating your boards with the board filters!


Note:  The new board filters is a beta feature that is not currently available to all customers. We're working hard to make improvements to this feature so that we can release it to all. Those who do have access can enable the feature through monday.labs. If you do not have access yet, stay tuned for changes later on! To learn more about the current board filters available, check this out


How it works

In order to filter down your information, you can either pick from our quick suggested filter options or create a customized rule to filter by through the advanced filter. Keep reading to learn more about each of these options! ⬇️


Quick suggested filter

To create a quick filter on your board, simply click on the "Filter" icon on the top left side of the board. From there, you can see a list of suggested quick filters. You will see a range of options that you can click on and filter by without needing to set up your own conditions.



Advanced filter

Clicking on the words "Switch to advanced filters" at the bottom of the quick filters pop-up window will open up the advanced filter. 


Alternatively, while clicking on the "Filter" icon itself will open up the quick filters, clicking on the downward arrow to the right of the "Filter" icon will directly open up the advanced filters.


Tip: You can find the filter from the column settings too!


Then, go ahead and choose the column you want to filter by, the condition, and the value. The dropdown will provide results based on the specific conditions and values selected.



Note:  The filter includes "AND" and "OR" conditions to allow you to narrow down your results to exactly what you need! 


Save your filter for quick access

Once you've selected the conditions you're looking to filter by, you can save the filter and get quick access to it the next time. To do so, click on the "Save to this view" button on the top right corner.


Next time you want to access it, click on the "All Views" menu and search it under the list: 



Understanding the conditions

The advanced filter offers a lot of condition options, with even more to come in the future. Use the key below as a guide to understanding what each one does for our most commonly used columns. Each column type will result in different options:







Use case

Let's say we're interested in narrowing down our Graphic Requests board's information to only the high priority tasks. On top of that, we're only interested in those tasks that are rated three stars or less in difficulty. By setting up an advanced filter with both of these conditions, we can see the specific tasks matching the criteria.

The conditions of the filter are: "Where Priority is High" AND "Difficulty is any of 3, 2, or 1 stars":


Then, we'll get a neat list of only the relevant tasks:




If you have any questions about this or anything else in this article, feel free to reach our customer support team at support@monday.com.