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Subitems and automations


Automations help you to reduce manual work. Subitems provide a deeper structure to your board. Now, you can use select automations with subitems to create the perfect workflow! 🎉 


A few prerequisites

To use automations with subitems, you first need to create subitems on your board. To learn more about how to add subitems to your board, check out the "All about subitems" article.

To learn more about how to add an automation, check out the monday.com Automations article.


Designated subitem templates

First, visit the Automations center:

Frame 1261161252.png

In the Automations center, you can easily locate all of the automation template that work with subitems by visiting the "Subitems" category in your left-hand menu:

Frame 1261161254 (1).png

There are several options in this category that you can apply to your workflow. The last option in this category is to create your own automation. This is the best route if you don't see a premade automation in this category that suits your needs.

Frame 1261161253.png


Identifying supported templates

When browsing through the other categories in the Automations center, you can identify an automation template that supports subitems by looking for the "Supports subitems" icon:

Frame 1261161255 (1).png

Where supported, you can use a subitem as either a trigger or a field in a notification:



Custom automations

You can also use subitems with custom automations!


You have the option to create a subitem as a result of an automation. You can also choose to trigger an automation when all subitems have a particular status or when a subitem status changes. We're working on expanding these capabilites so keep an eye out!



If you have any questions, please reach out to our team right here. We’re available 24/7 and happy to help.