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Billing Contacts


Until recently, all billing-related emails were sent to all Admin on your account. Now, you can specify who will receive emails by designating your Billing Contacts. Read on to learn what a Billing Contact is and how you can choose one (or several!) for your account.


What is a Billing Contact?

A Billing Contact is a person who receives emails for all billing-related events on the account. A Billing Contact can be someone external to your account (added via email address) or a Billing Contact can be a user on your account. If a user, the user type can be a Member or Viewer. Members occupy paid seats, while Viewers can be added to your account for free. To learn more about the different user types, click here

Whether or not the Billing Contact is a user on your account, they will not have access to the Admin section of your account. They will only receive communication about billing-related events after they are added as a Billing Contact and will not have access to any previous billing information.


How do I choose my Billing Contacts?

To begin with, you must be an Admin to designate an account's Billing Contact(s).

Your Billing Contact must be a Member or Viewer on your account. If the person you intend to make a Billing Contact isn't currently on your account, visit the How do I invite members to join my account? article for instructions on how to add them.

Once the individual is a Member or Viewer on your account, navigate to the Admin section of your account by going to your profile picture and click "Admin":


From there, navigate to Billing > Add billing contact:


You can then add a billing contact from your existing members by choosing from the dropdown menu:


Or you can add the email address of a person who is not a member of your account. That external email address will receive all billing-related emails, but the email address will not receive an invitation to your account. You can add an external email as a billing contact on the right side of the Billing Contacts screen:


No matter how you choose to add your billing contact, be sure to click the blue "Add billing contact" button to make it official! This individual will now receive an email for each billing-related event.


How do I remove a Billing Contact?

You can remove a Billing Contact by navigating to your avatar > Admin > Billing > Billing Contacts. Then, click the X next to the Billing Contact's name to remove them:



Note: You can't remove all of the Billing Contacts. Once you add Billing Contacts to your account, you must always have at least one contact.



What can the Billing Contact access?

What your Billing Contact sees when they login to your monday.com account depends on whether you've added them to your account as a viewer or a member. To learn more about the difference between viewers and members, check out the "User types explained" article.

Regardless of whether they are a viewer or a member, the following is true--


The Billing Contact can access:

  • emails sent to the email address that the admin designates
    • those emails contain the same information sent to the admins of the account
  • emails will be sent for the following events--
    • the initial purchase of the account
    • plan changes
    • plan cancellations
    • plan renewals
    • any recurring charges
    • refunds
    • exceeding the number of billed seats


The Billing Contact can not access:

  • any billing information that occurred prior to being added as a Billing Contact
  • the admin section of your account
  • the billing section of your account, including--
    • invoices
    • history of your account and plan
    • users or user management tools



If you have any questions, please reach out to our team right here. We’re available 24/7 and happy to help.