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Volunteer management with monday.com

Manage your volunteers

Volunteers are an instrumental part of a non-profit's success. Managing volunteer applications, understanding each volunteer's skillsets and what their availability is each and every week can be made easy with monday.com! Read on to learn how to set up a simple yet efficient workflow to help you manage your volunteers so you can spend more time focusing on what matters most to you!



The board and workflow setup

This Volunteer Management board will allow you to manage your volunteer application process from start to finish. Track your volunteer's application, when they are ready to start volunteering, for how many hours a week and what they are available to assist with. Keeping all this information in one place will help you better coordinate the project and even help with better planning next time!


Tip: Add this template directly to your account! Keep reading to learn how to use this board to the max!


This board receives information from volunteer applicants from a monday.com form (we'll discuss this more in depth later on!). All incoming volunteer applications will flow into the first group automatically. Once the information is received, you can simply review the incoming submissions with no extra administrative work or time!

In this case you can see that Mike and Jess are prospective volunteers who have recently applied and the team now needs to review their applications. 



This board includes six essential and advanced columns to set you up for success:

  • Status column - while status columns are great for tracking progress, they are versatile and can be used for so many other things. In this case, our status column is used to track the volunteer's status from incoming application to prospective, current and no longer active volunteers. We also use it track what type of transportation users rely on in case there is a need for help requiring a bike or car.
  • Email column - to easily keep track of all your volunteers you can see their e-mail addresses in one column making it easy to stay in touch, or set up automatic reminders (stay tuned to learn more!)
  • Date column - on the form it's key to know when each volunteer can start so you can plan ahead and review their application on time
  • Tags Column - depending on your organization you may need some different skillsets. The tags column is a great way to understand each person's strengths and what they'd like to help with from delivering food to managing social media, add as many tags and multiple tags per volunteer.
  • Numbers column - while you can use the numbers column for almost anything, here we use it to understand each volunteers' weekly availability and the approximate hours that they can commit to volunteering on a weekly basis.




The Form View 

The form view allows you to embed a link on your website or share it with prospective volunteers. As soon as they fill our the form, the form will populate as a new item ready for your team to review. Say goodbye to messy email threads and text messages and keep everything unified with forms!


The board layout forms the basis of the form. Each column represents a question on the form and you can then customize which fields are required or are hidden from the applicants. You can also add a description for each question to ensure a seamless application process. Pretty easy right?




Automate your workflow!

The volunteer status column also works to help us automate our workflow and keep this board organized! Anytime an application is received it goes directly to the top group for the application to get reviewed in a timely manner. Each time a status is changed (for example, to Prospective, Current or No longer active) automations will move the item to the appropriate group.




The automations that move each applicant to the relevant group is as follows (see below). Keep in mind, we've set up an automation for each status!  



Note:  Check out our automations center to learn more about our pre-built and customizable automation recipes available to suit your every need!



Connect seamlessly with your volunteers with Integrations

In addition to managing the applicant process internally, volunteer coordinators also need to make sure they are communicating smoothly with the volunteers too. For this purpose, email integrations are the perfect solution! By having a simple email column which gathers applicant email addresses, you can set up quick integrations that will shoot an email to the applicant at various points in the process.

For example, we have this one set up that will send an email every month to the volunteers with the status "Current" to check if they're still available to volunteer with us. 



Note: Learn more about the endless possibilities that you have with our integrations! 


See the bigger picture with Chart Views

The Chart View allows you to track almost anything, whether it's the number of hours volunteers are able to dedicate each week or their different areas of expertise. We've added a stacked bar chart which is a helpful way to break down each volunteer, their hours allotted per week and their skillsets. 




In addition, Chart View helps us to identify the most common mode of transport among our volunteers so that we can plan for every event and account for all factors properly. Below, we can see that most of our volunteers (44%) are relying on public transportation, meaning less people will be able to carry equipment with their cars and more people relying on the public transport schedule. 




Note: To use charts to gain cross-account information, check out the Chart Widget on our dashboards


So what are you waiting for? Get started managing your volunteers on monday.com with these simple steps! 


If you have any questions, please reach out to our team by using our contact form. We're available 24/7 and happy to help!