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NGO & NPO Fundraising campaign management with monday.com

Fundraising Campaigns

Fundraising campaigns are instrumental to a non-profit's success and ability to assist the missions you are supporting each and every day. Regardless of your mission - our fundraising guide will kick-start your next campaign! This example is built around a popular fundraising opportunity around the winter holidays, Giving Tuesday, though you can use it for any fundraising campaign you may be running. You can use this template to layout the steps to make your campaign come to life!


Set up your Fundraising Campaign Management board

Each fundraising campaign has many aspects to consider, from social media and marketing to determining your donation goal and overall campaign plan.  Now you can track this all in one place to make sure you're on track to meet your deadlines! This fundraising board will form the basis of your workflow.




Tip:  Download this template and get it directly added to your account. Continue reading to learn exactly how to use this board to the max. 


The board includes six key column types perfect for tracking everything you need within the campaign:

  • People column - used to assign the person or team associated with each task to understand who will be responsible to plan your Instagram feed, create your logo or plan the marketing strategy.
  • Status column - adding multiple status columns help to not only track your progress, but also the priority of your tasks so you can focus on what's highest priority and understand what you need to tackle first.
  • Time tracking column - while we can always plan with the best intentions, it's also help to track your actual time spent on each item to understand exactly how much time you invested into each portion of your project 
  • Numbers column - while you can use the numbers column for almost anything, here we use it to to estimate the number of hours we expect each item of the campaign to take so we can better predict the time needed among each team member and for future campaigns.
  • Timeline column - for long-term projects this column is key to understand when you need to get started, the length of time allotted for a project, and tracking total number of days. 




Boost your workflow with Views

To take this workflow up a notch, we've added three different views that turns the data from our board into meaningful insights in the context that we need. Let's take a look at them below:


Timeline View - Stay ahead of your deadlines

The Timeline view is a visual way to track each team member's responsibilities and understand what projects overlap, or where you may need to extend or shift deadlines. Within the timeline, your settings will be key to viewing the data in the easiest way. You can group by the item's status or the groups you have set up on your board, or by the person assigned to an item as we've done in ours.




Need to update one of your deadlines? No need to click back to your main board, simply click on an item in the timeline and make changes directly within the timeline view. Then, all of your changes will also appear in the main board and other views instantly! 




Workload View- Manage your team's workload for excellent results

Not sure how many tasks each team member can take on? Look no further than our Workload view to better understand what each team member is responsible for and who might have additional capacity if you have new items to assign. 




Chart View- Gain insights to make informed decisions

The Chart View is a powerful reporting tool allowing us to get breakdowns of our data and see where everything stands at a glance. It can be used to calculate the time spent by each team member to make this campaign successful or to see in a snap where all campaign statuses stand, as shown below. 




Tip:  To gain insights and overviews across multiple boards in one go, check out our dashboards and make sure to add the Timeline Widget, Workload Widget and Chart Widget!



Tie up this workflow with automations!

Automations are powerful to help tie up your workflow by automating steps in the process, saving you time and potential errors! Our automation center allows you to select from a range of pre-built automation recipes, or to custom-build you own to automate reminder notifications, status changes and more.

One particularly useful automation we've added to this workflow is that whenever the status is changed to "In progress", the time tracking column will be triggered to start tracking the time. When the status is changed to "Done", the time tracking will automatically be stopped.  See what it looks like below:




Pull together all your favorite tools with Integrations

Integrations allow you to integrate our platform with other platforms you may use everyday! Our integration center allows you to select from a range of pre-built integration recipes to connect with many different platforms.

One particularly useful integration is with Slack. Slack is a helpful tool for communicating with your team, especially when you team is spread across many locations.

A few recipes we like to use facilitate company or team-wide communication by notifying a particular channel, in this case notifying everyone in the #fundraising-campaign channel, about important announcements or milestones.


The first recipe we use allows us to send a reminder notifications one day prior to the project deadlines.


Another recipe allows us to track new updates from monday.com within Slack too!



With this workflow, you can get started sooner running fundraising campaigns for your NGO or NPO. Keep things simple and efficient with this Fundraising campaign management workflow! 


If you have any questions, please reach out to our team by using our contact form. We're available 24/7 and happy to help!