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Pricing model adjustment is updating its pricing. This change will take effect on the second renewal date after you receive notification about your account. The accounts that will be updated were previously operating on an outdated pricing model that is less than's current list prices. The intention behind this pricing model was to ease some new accounts into our list prices.

Since the outdated pricing model was implemented, we have made major improvements to the platform. In addition to greatly expanding our automations and integrations offerings, we have implemented custom automations, new columns, Apps, and more.

You can rest assured that we will continue to enhance the platform and deliver incredible value to you and your team.


In the following two sections, we offer answers to some frequently asked questions regarding this change. Of course, if you have further questions about this, please reach out to our support team by using our contact form.



General Questions

When does the pricing change take effect?

Every notification that we send out will give the exact date of pricing changes. If you make changes to your contract prior to your renewal date, the pricing change will take effect then.


Why is the price increasing?

This price update is reflective of our ongoing enhancements to the platform and our desire to continue innovating on your behalf. It is our goal to align those on the outdated pricing model with those paying the list price.


What improvements have been made recently?

We strive to deliver the best experience to our subscribers. In the past year, we've made major improvements to the platform. By collecting your feedback, analyzing, and implementing, we've been able to offer new and improved integrations, Custom Automations, Subitems, an App Marketplace, new columns, and more feature enhancements (such as the long-awaited dark mode, conditional coloring, and workspaces). And our Mobile App is better than ever!


Will the functionality or usage limits on my account change?

No. This change will only impact the price of your account. It will not impact your account's current functionality or usage limits. No new limitations will be placed on your account.


Billing Questions

How can I remain on the lower pricing model?

There will not be an option to remain on the outdated pricing model.


How can I reduce my bill?

If you're looking to decrease the cost for you and your team, here are a few ideas:

  • Downgrade your plan. Look for users on your account who no longer need access and deactivate them. Then downgrade your account to reflect the number of users on the platform.
  • Upgrade to an annual subscription if you haven't already. Annual subscriptions are discounted as compared to the monthly subscription rate on the current pricing model. You get more mileage for your money on an annual plan.


Will discounts change as well?

Any discount you have received will remain the same. We will not remove or change any discounts. 


Can I renew early?

You are welcome to renew your annual plan at any time to start a new subscription term. Monthly plans cannot renew early unless upgrading to an annual plan.


Can I speak with someone directly about this change?


If you have any questions, please reach out to our team right here. We’re available 24/7 and happy to help.