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Mobile app - How to add subitems

Items allow you to break down tasks or projects into manageable details. But what if you want to break them down just a little further? That's where Subitems come into play! You can divide your items into smaller subitems to make managing your workflow even easier right from your mobile device!


Create subitems

Head over to your browser to add subitems to your board for the first time! Follow the quick and easy steps in this article to learn how to add and customize the Subitems Column. Set up the subitems in your browser by adding all of the columns you want your subitems to display. When you're finished setting everything up, hop on back to your mobile device to learn how to add and edit subitems!


Note:  Subitems can currently only be added to a board and customized for the first time from your browser. Once the Subitems Column is already added to your board, you will be able to add subitems to parent items that don't yet have subitems, or edit existing subitems right from your mobile app! Stay tuned - we are still working on this feature and expect big updates in the future!



Add subitems

Once you've added the Subitems Column to your board from your browser, you can begin adding subitems from your mobile! To add a subitem to a parent item that does not yet have any subitems, simply click the item's cell in the Subitem Column:


When the subitem opens up in full screen, click the first column, like this:


Now you can fill in all of your subitem's details in full screen mode!


To add a new subitem to a parent item that already has subitems, just click "New Subitem" at the bottom of the list of subitems in your parent item.


Just type in the name of your subitem and click "Add" like this:



Edit subitems

  • Fill in information

When you finish adding your new subitems, you can fill in all of the information while viewing your subitems in full screen, like this:



  • Expand subitems

You can expand and collapse your subitems in two different ways: 

1. Click on the parent item to open the item card in full screen. Then, click the subitems icon to expand the subitems in full screen:




2. Click on the subitem icon in any item to expand the item's subitems in full screen:








If you have any questions, please reach out to our team by using our contact form. We're available 24/7 and happy to help!

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