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Using the Onboarding Kit

Note: This guide is intended for those participating in paid onboarding with our team.


Welcome to the Onboarding Kit!

The Onboarding Kit is a series of four boards. Each board in this kit represents a phase of your learning. The boards are called Pre-Kickoff, Phase 1: Get Started, Phase 2: Optimize your usage, and Phase 3: Training + beyond.

As you have discovered, the first group on the Pre-Kickoff board, "Start Here!", is a link to this guide which will serve as your introduction to the board. 

Let's dive in!


The Pre-Kickoff Board

When you first access the Pre-Kickoff board, you'll see the title of the board at the top left-hand corner and the board description right below that. On this board, the board description contains a link to this article, your Onboarding Success Manager's name, and a link to their calendar:


You will also see that there are several groups and columns. This is a group:


This is a column:


And each group contains items. On the Pre-Kickoff board, the item's purpose is dependent on the group.


How to use this board

The Goals group is where you will input your goals for your onboarding. You can edit the item's name and write your goal there, or add a goal to the update section of each item.

To edit an item's name, hover over the words and click on the pencil icon that appears to the right:


To add to the updates section, click on the speech bubble to the right of the item's name:


Then write your goal, and click "Update":



Board rules

For the rest of the groups on the board, there are two rules to help you be successful.

First: If you see an update, read it first. You'll know if an item has an update by looking at the speech bubble. Whether the speech bubble is blue or grey, if there's a number on the speech bubble, there's an update for you to read. 

Note: If your update is blue, it means the last update is from 7 days ago or less. If an update is grey, it means that no one has posted any new updates for more than 7 days. You can learn more about the updates section here.

Second: The Relevant Link column holds any links you may need to complete a task. If you're lost, check this column to see if there's a link.

Great! That's it for the Pre-Kickoff board. Once you've completed an item's task, simply click into the empty cell in the Complete column. This will check off the task.


How the Phases are Structured

The Phase boards have three groups in total: the Learning group, the Action Items group, and the Next Steps group. In the Learning group, each item is a category containing lessons related to the category name. In the below example, the first category is called "What is monday.com?" The lessons for this category are listed in the subitems. The header for the subitem column is "Steps":


To the right of that column is the "Type" column. This indicates what type of lessons are contained within that category. The Status column is where you'll mark your progress.

When you open the subitems, you'll see a different structure.


The item name gives you an idea of the lesson. The "Lesson Type" indicates the type of lesson. The "Content" column prepares you for the type of content contained in the Lessons. There are Readings, Videos, Worksheets, Meetings, and a combination of Video & Reading. The "Est. Time in Minutes" column tells you approximately how long it will take you to complete the lesson. 


How to use these boards

As recommended with the Pre-Kickoff board, it's important to read any updates first. Then, you can expand the subitems by clicking on the number in the subitem column. To make your way through this board, you'll want to repeat that process for each item/subitem.


Marking your progress

Before you really dive into the board's content, add your name to the subitems. To do this, you will change a column header to indicate your name rather than "Champion". By hovering over the column header, you will find that you can click to highlight and change the text. Click outside of the text field to save your changes:


As you move through the board, change the status under your name to indicate your progress. 


How to Search Your Boards

If you have a question or want to jump to a certain topic to learn more ahead of schedule, you can search the board. To search the board, navigate to the top, right-hand corner. There you'll find the Search icon:


When you click on the Search icon, you will open up a dialogue. Try typing a keyword in to search the board. The relevant results will be highlighted:



That's it! We recommend completing all of the Learning and Action Items to have the most productive onboarding period possible. If you have any questions about this board, reach out to your Onboarding Success Manager.


If you have any questions, please reach out to our team by using our contact form. We're available 24/7 and happy to help!