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Donations and Donor Management for your NGO/NPO with monday.com!

From helping your community to managing donations and events, non-profits and NGOs have a lot on their plate. With monday.com you can plan, organize and manage your workflow to spend your time on what matters most, helping your mission to do good in the world! Don't worry about figuring out how to make monday.com work for your team - we have some awesome templates as well as tips and tricks to help you get started. Take a look below to help get started on the platform! 


Donations & Donor Management

Maintaining relationships with donors, whether they are ongoing donors or one time, is crucial to building lasting connections. But managing who donated to what and when can be a full-time job. This template will let you easily track recurring donors, one-time donors, and larger corporate donors. 




Tip:  Download this template and get it directly added to your account. Continue reading to learn exactly how to use this board to the max.


Board Setup

The Donor and Donation Management board allows us to keep track of all donations for the year in one central location. We can track who is contacting which donors and organize our different donor types by individual groups

This workflow is comprised of a board that incorporates multiple Status Columns to track annual donation status, as well as the priority for the relationships, a People Column to assign the Internal Contact for the donor (more on this later!), and a tags column for determining what the donation will fund. You can always add more useful columns if needed to help with any specific tracking needs you may have. 



Assigning someone from your organization to manage the relationship with each donor helps create internal alignment and clear ownership. After you get in touch with a donor you can add notes via the updates section and update their Donation Status. Your colleagues can easily check in on the updates on this board for insights and all the details they might need to stay in the know.image_2.png


Now you can be more transparent with your internal team and always see where donations stand in one, organized place!


Power up the board with Automations 

This board has a simple automation set up which will send a reminder notification to the person assigned to reach out one week before the next contact date. This will help make it impossible to miss a deadline! You and your team can easily update the last time you contacted them and schedule the next time you should be in touch to stay on top of managing your relationships.

Let's breakdown exactly how this automation works! When you click on the recipe you have the option to choose when you want to be notified, in this case we want to be notified one week before the next contact date at 9am. This automation is powerful because you can customize it to your exact needs and make sure that you're on top of all due dates! 



Tip: Be sure to check out our automation store for hundreds of reminders, creating recurring events, moving items, automatic archiving and more!


Integrate your favorite tools

If you use multiple platforms, you might be helpful to integrate them directly to your board to keep everything streamlined and accessible. Are you hosting your calls with donors on Zoom? If so, check out our Zoom Integration and set up a recipe so you'll never be late to a call again!

One recipe that will keep you on track notifies you when a participant joins a call prior to the host. In this case, it will notify the team member assigned as the Internal Contact for the item that the Zoom meeting is associated with. See how it works below.




Gain Insights with Charts

With the help of Charts, not only can you manage relationships and donations but you can also gain in-depth overviews and breakdowns of your data. You can track donations across different donor types and manage your donations in comparison to your fundraising goals. Staying on top of these stats will help you plan better in the future!


Below you can see how the Chart is being used to track our donations over the past year by the different donors with Heidi having donated the most to date.



Tip: If you're using multiple boards to keep track of your donations over time, pull them together into a Dashboard and gain insights with the features such as the Chart widget, Numbers widget and more!


There you have it - a quick and easy way to manage your donations and relationships so that you can continue doing what you do best, doing good for your cause!


If you have any questions, please reach out to our team by using our contact form. We're available 24/7 and happy to help!