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Stay up to date with your boards

If you're finding it tough to keep up with the constant changes in your boards, then you're not alone! We want to show you a few solutions to help you stay on top of all of the changes in your most important boards! 


Board Highlights

At our fast-paced bakery, "Beverly's Bakery", we have to stay on top of all of our fresh pastries so that we never run out! To make sure we always have enough baked goods, we keep a board to track the bake and stock status of each product we sell. 



Our managers need to stay in the loop to better understand how to manage shifts, ingredient orders, and financials. They need to know which status have been changed, and how many pieces have been inputted in the Numbers Column to be baked in the next batch!

Board highlights show us all of the changes that have been made to our board since the last time we viewed the board! Changes that appear can be those made by other team members or by automations! 


Note:  You won't see changes that you yourself made to your boards, you will only see changes that others made. 


At the top of your board, below the board's name, you will see the number of changes recently made in green print, like this:


All new changes to the cells in your columns will be highlighted in green to draw your attention! For example, the feedback rating for our Peanut Biscuits has recently changed to 5 stars! This means that this cell in our Rating Column is highlighted in green so that we know to start making more pieces in each batch! We can also see that out Vanilla Macarons have recently been updated as "Freshly Baked" and "Fully Stocked" because they are outlined in green, so we know we're good to go with those. 

You can choose to hide or show the highlights on your board by clicking "hide highlights" while they appear on your board, or "show highlights" if you've hidden them. 




Note:  By clicking "hide highlights", you will hide the green highlights on the changed cells, but you will still see the number of new changes at the top of your board.  


Activate Board Highlights

Board highlights are currently released as an A/B test! If you would like to activate this feature on your account, just click your profile picture and select "monday labs":


Next, scroll through our test features until you reach "Highlight new board changes" and click "Activate"!



Activity Log 

Sometimes our managers want to learn more details about the changes on our boards. For example, they want to know who put the last batch in the oven, or if the feedback rating has gone up or down. In these cases, we'll check our Activity Log! 

To get there, simply click the "Activities" button at the top right corner of your board:


Now, your Activity Log will open on half your screen! Here, you can filter or search your log by something specific, or just scroll through! You will see all of the changes made to your board, exactly when, and by whom! 


Check out this article to learn more!





If you have any questions, please reach out to our team by using our contact form. We're available 24/7 and happy to help! 🙂