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Managing hotel requests with monday.com

Every hotel will have to deal with requests from guests and other maintenance to-do's to upkeep the facilities. This requires an on-the-go method to keep track of everything so nothing gets missed. With monday.com's quick setup, you can create exactly the place to collect, track and manage all these requests. 

This guide will cover a simple and efficient way to manage your guests and general maintenance requests. Let's jump right in. 



Set up your Hotel Requests board

The purpose of this board is to store all the requests received by the guests and inserted by the hotel staff for anything hotel-related. This board will be setup so that the groups will reflect the requests based on their status - New requests, those being worked on (Working on it) and those completed (Closed). The items will be the requests themselves. The columns will allow you to add any level of detail and pieces of information so that your team can quickly and efficiently solve each request.

Let's take a quick look at the useful columns we've added:

  • People column which will show by which staff member the request was solved (eg. handyman or front desk reception)
  • Creation Log column will depict when exactly the request was created
  • Status column which will relfect the type of request it is, its urgency and its status
  • Text column will offer more details about the specific request
  • Date column to show the date the request was solved
  • Formula column which will calculate the average time spent on a request (learn more further down!)
  • Dropdown column to mark if the requests were opened by internal emloyees or external guests


Great, now that you have the basics down, let's learn how to turn this into an even more powerful workflow! 🙌

Note: This board can be easily accessed from your mobile phone to keep things as simple as ever even while you're on-the-go! Make sure to download the mobile app here.   


Power up your board with Automations

Automations are a way to help you save time and effort by automating some of the manual steps. With automations, you can send reminder notifications, move items around the board, trigger new board creations and more! We've added a couple to this board, check them out below:

1) Automatically send a notification whenever a new request has been received to all the board subscribers so that no one ever misses a thing.image_1__33_.png

2) Automatically set the date to today's date once the status has been set to "Done" so that it's clear exactly when the request was completed.



Calculate average solved time for even better results later

As team members or managers, you're probably always aiming for better service to improve your guests' experience. That's why tracking the time spent on every request is an important metric to keep tabs on. Fortunately, this is made really simple with the help of the Formula column we saw earlier on. Let's break it down below!

The formula will allow us to calculate the number of days between the date that the request was created (using the Creation Log column) and the date that the request was solved (using the Date column) which will look like this:

Formula:  DAYS({Solved by date},{Creation Log})


Tip:  Make sure to customize the column summary at the bottom of the column to show you the average of the column values in days (click inside the summary block).  That way, the average number of days spent working on the request until solved will be automatically calculated!

Once you have this metric, managers can work towards improving this number by increasing the number of staff or any other way they deem fit✔️.


Gather requests seamlessly through monday.com Forms

While we're on the topic of creating an awesome experience for your guests, we have another trick which will take things up a level. With the shareable Forms view, your guests can get access to a simple link whereby they can enter their requests in real time. This is directly synced with your board, so each new request will fall seamlessly into the New Requests group on your board. 

The Hotel Requests board will form the basis of the form, with each column being a question. You can decide which questions you'd like visible to your guests and customize it with your own branding. 



 Connect all your useful platforms together with Integrations!

Clear communication with your clients throughout their stay is crucial. Whether you're using emails or text messages or phone calls, you can connect these all to your monday.com account and even automate this correspondence. Let's take a look at one powerful way you can utilize integrations in this workflow:


Twilio Integration

Adding the Twilio integration to your workflow, will allow you to send out automatic text messages (or phone calls) to guests as soon as a request has been received or completed. Simply make sure you have the guests' phone number documented on the board, add the relevant integration recipe and you're good to go!


Tip:  You can also integrate with email (Gmail or Outlook) so that this link to the form gets automatically sent after check in or any other important milestone! 


Gain insights using personalized views

As a business, visibility into the data is crucial. By adding personalized views to your boards, you can visualize your data in any way you'd like to draw conclusions and make better decisions later on. We'll focus on one particular analytics tool, the Chart view, however, make sure to check out the Views center to learn more. 

The Chart view can be used to provide breakdowns of the data on your boards to show a drilled down comparison of requests by priority, by status or by type (or anything else you wish). Below, we can see that most of the requests received were for bathroom essentials (28%). Perhaps we'd like to consider adding more of these to the rooms to reduce the number of requests🤷.


Tip:  To pull together information from multiple boards into charts and graphs, try out the Chart widget on our Dashboards

That's it! Start managing your hotel requests smoothly and efficiently and create a first-class guest experience with monday.com.


If you have any questions, please reach out to our team by using our contact form. We're available 24/7 and happy to help!