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monday.com mobile app for field work

Whether you work out in the field rather than at a desk, are on-the-go part time, or are looking for a way to keep your work flowing when you're away from your computer, monday.com has a solution for you! This guide will take you through our best tips and tricks for a successful workflow that transcends the office walls! 


On-the-go workflow

Often, mobile work is comprised of a stationary office component or "home base", and several dispatched mobile team members. While office work can easily be done using monday.com from your computer, mobile work can be done using the monday.com mobile app! Check out this article to learn more about the app and how to download it to your mobile device! 

The workflow we're going to take you through shows the smooth communication between a stationary dispatcher and on-site workers. 



Build your board

Here at our head office, we receive orders for missing or replacement parts for all kitchen appliances. When we get an incoming request, we log it in our "Kitchen Parts" board, prepare the order, and then dispatch the order with our delivery personnel. 



We've set up our workflow to seamlessly include notifications, automations, and communication between all parties. All incoming requests are inputted into the "Incoming Orders" group including necessary information such as the appliance type, delivery address, and requested date.

Our managers can then assign one of our workers to each item, using the People Column. When our worker gets assigned an item, they receive a notification right to their mobile! 


Key Columns

Let's review some of the key columns we've used in this workflow that help make mobile work so much easier!


Status Column

In this example, we're using two different Status Columns. The first Status Column, called "Appliance Type", functions as a drop-down menu where we can select the type of appliance the requested part belongs to. The second Status Column reflects the working status of each order. Here, our workers can mark when they've begun to work on a job, encountered an issue, and when they've completed a job!


The Status Column helps maintain transparency and communication between the office and the field so that all parties know where each job stands!


Location Column

To mark the address for delivery, we use the Location Column! Since our field workers are constantly on the go, they can quickly click the address they need inside their board, and then click "Open with" to begin navigating with any of their mobile device's navigation apps! 




Date and Formula Column

Reliability and punctuality are really important values to us! Which is why it is important for us to use Date Columns to track the "Requested Delivery Date" and the actual "Delivery Date". To compare these two and to ensure that we stick to our KPIs and quality assurance, we use the Formula Column. Here, we've set the Formula Column to indicate when our parts were delivered "Late" or "On Time" based on the dates inputted into our two Date Columns. 



Time Tracking 

The Time Tracking Column works as a stop-watch, helping us monitor the amount of time each job takes our workers to complete. As you saw in the first section, we use this column to run the clock from the time a worker is "Working on it" to the time the job is completed.


This is a really great way to keep track of our resources and efficiencies and can help track billing hours and shift work! Most importantly, it can be activated and deactivated right from your mobile app, to maintain accuracy!



Being able to upload and view files and images from the field is a huge advantage for our company! We can upload on-site images right from our mobile devices of the broken parts, completed jobs, or issues encountered along the way for reference using the File Column!




Views and Consuming Data

Views allow us to visualize our board's data in many different ways! Let's take a look at some views we can use to help us interpret our data and statistics. 

Calendar View

With so many dates to keep track of, it can be difficult to make sure that all of our parts get prepared and delivered in a timely fashion! To help us stay organized and set on our goals, we use the Calendar View!


From the mobile app, our workers can filter the Mobile Calendar View on the go to quickly see only what they need to! For example, Kayla can filter her calendar to only show the active deliveries that are assigned to her. 


Chart View

One of our most important measures is our punctuality. We try to deliver as many parts as possible by the date requested. To keep track of these figures, we use the Chart View to generate a chart using our Formula Column! 


We could also use the chart to show us how many of the parts requested belong to each type of kitchen appliance so we know where to focus our orders and marketing. 

Note:  The Chart View is currently unavailable on your mobile app, so you'll have to use this one in the office. Stay tuned - we're working on bringing it to mobile soon!


Automate your Workflow

Automations help us to eliminate manual actions to prevent things from slipping through the cracks or taking up precious time! 


Note: Currently, automations need to be added and edited from your browser, and can't yet be set up from the mobile app. Don't worry - anything you set up in your browser will work perfectly in your mobile app as well! 


Every automation incorporates both a trigger and an action. For example, we've added the following automation to move our items to the appropriate group when the status of the order changes!


Let's see how this looks on our board:




We've added the automation below to really help our workflow seamless and extra efficient!


Whenever our on-site workers change a status to "Working on it", they are marking the beginning of their work on a task, and automatically trigger the clock to start ticking on the Time Tracking Column! As soon as the worker finishes the job, they can mark the item "Job Done", triggering the Time Tracking Column to stop the clock. This ensures that the time tracked is accurate and really reflects the time required to complete any given job. 



The Updates Section (marked by the speech bubble beside the item's name) is really the central communication hub of monday.com! Here, we can increase contextual communication and eliminate all those pesky calls and emails! 

While on the job, our on-site workers can upload real-time updates, letting the team know what's going on. For example, while on the job, Kayla realized that the damage was worse than what they prepared for, and '@ mentioned' her team member, who can quickly order the necessary parts. Workers can even upload images and files or create checklists in the Updates Section! Check out this article for more details. 


In response, team members can "Thumbs up" or reply directly to an update!


High-Level Dashboard  

To make sure that we are reaching our goals and sticking to our KPIs, we've created a high-level dashboard connected to our workflow boards! Our dashboard is equipped with several widgets that help us monitor our metrics and important dates.🎯  View your dashboard from your browser or mobile app! Let's take a look at a few of these widgets:

  • The Chart Widget generates charts based on the data in our boards. We've added charts to show us the breakdown of all of our orders, delivery accuracy, incoming requests per week, and more! The sky is the limit!


  • The Time Tracking Widget shows us a list of all the orders currently being worked on, according to each team members. We can use this widget to set thresholds for our employees so that we make sure nobody is being overworked. 
  • The Calendar Widget helps us track the upcoming deadlines of all of our pending deliveries. 


  • The Board to Globe App lets you map out your projects on an interactive globe! It's connected to the Location Column, and helps you to plan out delivery routes, shifts, and other important logistics from your desktop or right from your mobile device! 


Keep your goals and KPIs close no matter where you are. Check out your dashboard from your mobile device to check on your projects from the field!

Note:  The dashboards can currently only be created and edited from your browser, but can be viewed and interacted with from your mobile app! 




Tip:  Make sure to check out our Dashboards Center to take a look at all of the available apps and widgets!


Get creative

These three boards are intended to be a starting point to help you translate your workflow into a monday.com mobile workflow! You can use these exact boards in your workflow if they're right for you, but don't be afraid to experiment and test out all of the amazing features on monday.com! Make sure to check out other prepared templates and explore the Columns Center to see all of the ways you can use columns as building blocks to customize your own one-of-a-kind on-the-go board! You can make your own automations and enable integrations in your browser to really connect the dots in your workflow!


If you have any questions, please reach out to our team by using our contact form. We're available 24/7 and happy to help!

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