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Managing client engagements while working remotely

From first interactions with a client, to communications beyond the point of procurement, maintaining healthy client relationships is at the core of every successful business. In today's remote work environment, keeping up with effective client engagement is all the more challenging, yet important!

In this article, we'll dive into some best practices when it comes to engaging with your clients remotely through the monday.com platform. Keep reading for some ideas on how to go about this!


Create a client project board 

The basis of effective communication with a client lies in the ability to strategically organize and implement a project that is being worked on for them. In order to achieve this, a client project board can be created to ensure that the project is on track to be completed in an efficient, successful way. Let's explore an example of a client project board, and see how it can lay the groundwork for effective engagements with them!


The board above provides an example of how to manage multiple projects for a client. By using three status columns in a row with an adjacent Progress Tracking Column amongst other column types, it is easy to track the multiple phases of each project. Although this set-up may work for certain projects that you are running, or clients that you are working for, you can definitely adjust the structure according to your own desire!


Tip:  You can also use Sub-items to add an additional layer of information within each project!


Great! Now that we've shown an example of how to organize and track the progression of various client projects, let's check out some tools to effectively engage with your client.


Create a filtered, shareable view of your client project board

On monday.com, you have the option to create a filtered, read-only view of your board that is shareable with anyone via a link. This can be a great resource to use so that your clients stay up-to-date with the progress of their projects, without giving them full access to your account!


In order to create a saved, filtered view, we can use the advanced Board filter to select and save the specific parameters that we are looking to display in this view. Once done, creating a shareable, read-only link to this view will allow us to easily send out this board view to our client. This view will be constantly and automatically updated, so you can ensure that your client will be up-to-date with the progress of their project in the click of a button! 

Tip: You can also provide your clients limited access to your account by adding them as guests. Keep reading to learn more about this!


Use the email integration to update your client 

Now, let's take this scenario one step further by setting up an email integration to automatically send out an email including this view link to our client!

In order to achieve this, you can use the Email Integration to automatically send or receive emails to and from your monday.com board based off of different criteria. By using the Email Integration recipe such as 'When status changes to something, send an email to someone', we can write out exactly what we'd like the client email to say, and also include the view link that we've created earlier!


Note: You can further customize the email by using the blue 'Item Supported Field' bubbles to automatically fill out the message according to the item that triggered the automation!


Create a client requests board

Working with multiple clients often means juggling of loads of different requests at once. By creating a client request board with a Form View on it, your clients can easily fill out a form to submit their requests, and you can then use the board to handle and complete each request that comes through in a breeze!

To add this board to your account, you can access our Template Center, click into the Freelancers section, then select the Customers Requests board, and adjust it to your needs.


By having this board and form at your disposal, not only will your clients feel that they have an easy way to communicate their questions and inquires with you, but you can also be sure to streamline the entire process of handling their requests in an efficient way. 🙌


Providing guest access to your client

Want your client to have limited access to your account, in order to engage with them about a project that is being worked on? Adding your client as a Guest to your account can allow you to do just that!

By adding your client as a guest onto your Shareable Board, you will be able to easily communicate and engage with them about their projects by using the Updates Section. Discussing various aspects of the project in this area of the platform is key to keeping everyone aligned, and all information centralized in one place! For more tips and tricks on communicating with others while working remotely, check out this article.



That's a wrap for now! We hope these suggestions can be beneficial to help you stay on track with effective client engagements in today's remote work environment. 


If you have any questions, please reach out to our team by using our contact form. We're available 24/7 and happy to help!