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How to get started with the mobile app

The mobile app is a tool that allows you to collaborate with your team right from the palm of your hand! It's perfect if you're on the go and want to stay in tune with your team members! This article will take you through the basics of the app and how to get started using monday.com wherever you are!


Download the app

The first step to using your monday.com mobile app is to download the app! Go to your iOS or Android app store, and search for "monday.com" in the search bar. It should look something like this:


Click "Get" to download the app to your mobile device!


Log in 

Your next step is to either log in to your account or to create a new account if you haven't joined yet! 

Follow these steps if you don't yet have an account, or take a look at this article to see how you can log in with your existing account!


Build your boards

A board is where your groups of items are held. It's a virtual whiteboard where projects are stored as a way to keep track of everything from everyday tasks to month/year-long projects. The sky is the limit when it comes to how you can use your boards! They can be to do lists, contact sheets, questionnaires, project lists, detailed project management, or shift management! 


To create a new board, click the blue '+' icon at the bottom right corner of your screen, like this:


Next, you can choose from any of our pre-made templates, or create your own!

Let's take a little tour of the board!

  • Groups

Our board's items are divided into groups. My groups represent the days of the week, but you can make them anything, including different weeks, people, locations or sites, clients, projects, or teams! 

Groups are a way to categorize the items on your board so that they're easier to work with. 


  • Items

Within each group, we have items. My items are the tasks that my team needs to work on each day of the week, but the sky is the limit for the types of items you can build your board with.


  • Columns

Horizontally across our board, we have columns! We can add whichever columns we want from the Column Center depending on the nature of our board! 



To learn more about how to create a new board from your mobile app, take a look at this article


  • Board List 

You can access all of your boards by opening the left panel and clicking "Board List". 


Here, you can toggle to view your Favorite boards, boards you recently visited, or all of your board! 



Communicate with your team 

  • Invite team members

Before you can collaborate with your team members, you need to first invite them to join your account! Check out this article to learn how! When you've added all of your team members, you can subscribe them to your boards!

Click the 3 dot menu at the top right corner of the board you'd like to add members to, and then select "Board Subscribers":


Next, you can add yourself or other team members by clicking "Add board subscribers":


To learn more, take a look at this article


  • The Updates Section

The first column on our board always contains the names of our items. To the right of the item's name, we can see a speech bubble that often has a number inside. This speech bubble represents the item's updates, and the number reflects the number of updates on each item! If we click on an item, we can take a closer look. 


Head over to the item's "Updates" tab to see  all of the item's updates and replies! This is where all the communication on our boards happens. Give a thumbs up, or reply with '@ mention's, pictures, and files! 


To learn more about the Updates section, head over to this article


Stay in the know

With all the seamless communication your team experiences while using monday.com, you'll want to stay up to date and in the loop from your mobile app! Which is why you'll love checking your Bell Notifications and your Inbox from wherever you are!

  • Bell Notifications

You will receive Bell Notifications whenever something important happens in your account that involves you, such as getting assigned tasks in the people column, being mentioned in an update, or receiving replies to your updates. Reach your Bell Notifications from the left pane, like this:


You can mark your notifications as "read" or delete them on the go! 



  • Push Notifications

When you enable Push Notifications (from your Settings menu), you can receive all of your notifications directly on your mobile device, so you never miss an important update!



  • Inbox

The Inbox is where you will see all updates from boards you are subscribed to, even if you are not specifically mentioned in that update or assigned to each item. You can think of this as a news feed, where you can see everything your team has posted on those specific boards.  

Reach the Inbox from your left pane, like this:


You can reply, thumbs up, or click the update to see it inside the board it was posted in!



Take a step back 

Get the big-picture with dashboards on your mobile app! While they must be created and edited from your browser, you can check in on your team's dashboards whenever you want to glance back at your team's charts, reports, and general progress!



Manage your profile

You can edit and manage your profile so that your team members can view your contact details! Add a profile picture, your email address and phone number, your position and team, and some fun facts about yourself! 


Click here to learn more about how to edit your profile. 





If you have any questions, please reach out to our team right here. We’re available 24/7 and happy to help.