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Key differences between the mobile app and your browser

Our mobile app and browser are a little bit different when it comes to behavior and feature availability. We designed our mobile app to be compact and thumb-friendly to give you an amazing on-the-go experience, while our desktop is horizontal and much larger. This article will cover the key differences between monday.com from your mobile app and your desktop browser.  💻 📲



Since monday.com in your mobile app is generally viewed vertically and on a smaller touchscreen, there are a few unique ways you can navigate your app that you can't do on your desktop!

  • Zoom in and out

You can zoom in and out of your boards using just two fingers! Pinch two fingers together on your screen to zoom out, so you can see more of your columns and items at once! Pinch out (spread two fingers apart) on your screen to zoom in closer and magnify your items!



  • Scroll

You can scroll right and left across your board by swiping your finger across your screen! Swipe from right to left to move to the right, and swipe from left to right to move left!




  • Landscape Mode

By turning your phone on its side, you'll be able to use your board in Landscape Mode (horizontally rather than vertically).  This is especially useful if you are working on a board with a lot of columns so you can see them all in your screen at once!


  • Drag and Drop

By holding your finger down (long press) on something on your board, you'll activate "Drag and Drop". Hold your finger down and drag to a new location on your board! You can do this with columns, items, or groups!




You can add and edit almost every column to your mobile device straight from the mobile Column Center with a few exceptions. You can even view, add, or edit a column description from your mobile app! The following columns cannot be added through your Mobile Column Center. However, if you have already added them to your board from your browser, you may still view them using your mobile app with limited capabilities. 


This column can be viewed but not edited or added from the mobile app. 


This column can be viewed but not edited or added from the mobile app. The mirrored column may appear slightly different from your mobile app, depending on what you have chosen to mirror. 


When already added to the board, you can click the cell to open up the linked item's item card. New links cannot be created from your mobile app. 


This feature can be added and edited from an Android device. From an iOS device, once a button has already been clicked, it may be viewed from your mobile app. The button cannot be clicked from your iOS mobile app or seen before it has been used for the first time. 


  • The Time Tracking Column

This column can be added from an Android or iOS device. From your mobile app, you can begin and finish tracking time live on your mobile, but cannot view previous times or edit or manually add time tracked. 



Note:  While all of these columns can be added and edited from your mobile app, there are some settings (such as adding or hiding a column summary) that must be adjusted from your browser. 



Board Actions

Wondering if you can duplicate, delete, export, or change your board's type from your mobile the same way you can from your browser? Although it might be a slightly different process, you can carry out almost all board actions from your mobile. Let's take a look at some of these actions and how they are different.


  • Rename your board

You can rename your board easily from your mobile app using your board name's menu. 

  • Delete or archive your board

You can delete your board from your mobile app's board name menu, however, you can only archive your board from the Android app following these directions

  • Duplicate your board

At this time, you can only duplicate your board from the Android app following these directions

  • Change your board's type

Change your board's type to Private, Shareable, or Main using these easy directions

  • Last Viewed 

While on your browser you see the profile pictures of all of the recent viewers of your board at the top of your screen, you can access a list from the "Last Viewed" tab in your board name's menu on your mobile app. 

  • Collapse and Expand groups

While you can do this a few different ways on your browser, This can be done really simply in your app using the 3 dot menu

  • Activity Log

You can view your Activity Log the same way in both your browser and your mobile app

  • Subscribe team members

You can subscribe team members and crown them board owners from both your browser and your mobile app

  • Batch Actions

Batch Actions cannot be done on your mobile app at this time. 

  • Share

While clicking "Share" on your desktop creates a shareable link that you can send to anyone, clicking "Share" on your mobile device creates a shortcut where you can send a link of your board to any of your contacts or apps!


  • Print

While you can print your board from your desktop using the 3 dot menu, you cannot print your board from your mobile app. 

  • Contact Us

From your desktop, you can access the help center and contact us using the question mark icon in the left pane. With the mobile app, you can contact us right from within your board using the 3 dot menu as well as in your left pane menu! 


Board Views 

There are four board views that can be added, viewed, and edited from your mobile app:

The following views are currently not available on the mobile app, and cannot be added, edited, or viewed even if they are already added to the board from your desktop:

The following views are functional on the mobile app but cannot be added or edited:

Take a look at this article to learn all about mobile board views



You can now view all of your dashboards from your mobile app! While you cannot edit or create a dashboard from your mobile, you can view and interact with all widgets added from your browser. Each widget behaves a little differently on your app, so make sure to check out this article to learn everything you can do! 

Note:  Currently, the Timeline Widget, Workload Widget, and My Week Widget are not yet supported on your mobile dashboard. This means that you will not be able to view them from your mobile app, even if they have been added from your desktop. 



On your desktop, you will be able to see a list of all workspaces on your account, even if you are not subscribed to them. Private workspaces will be shown in grey and unable to be expanded unless the owner subscribes you. 

On your mobile, you will only view the workspaces you are subscribed to under "My Boards". You will still be able to view all Main Boards and Private or Shareable boards you are subscribed to if you search for them in the search bar, save them to your Favorites section, or have viewed them recently (so that they will appear in your "recent" tab). 


Within the list of boards, you can identify the workspace each board belongs to by the colored stripe on the left side of the board's card. Notice that all of the boards in the example above have a pink stripe? This is because they all belong to the same workspace!

Take a look at this article to learn more about how to view boards in your account from your mobile. 


Inbox and Notifications

Just like on your desktop, you can reach both your Inbox and your Bell Notifications from your left pane! You can mark notifications as read or delete them from any device, but filtering is slightly more limited from your mobile device compared to your browser. 


My Focus

My Focus is a great customizable tool to keep track of upcoming tasks and personal goals. You can access My Focus from the left pane menu in both your browser and your mobile app! The feature is slightly different on the mobile app, so take a look at this article to learn more about how to utilize "My Week" in your browser, or this article to see how "My Focus" works in your mobile app! 


Automations and Integrations 

Automations and Integrations carry out actions as a result of a certain trigger. While you can't set up Automations or Integrations from your mobile app, if you have them set up already from your browser, the action set to trigger them will still work, even if the triggering action was done on your mobile!

For example, if you add the automation in the image below from your browser, then when you change a status using your mobile device, the automation will be triggered, moving the item to the assigned group. 



Filters and Searches

  • Search Everything

Search Everything can be reached from the left pane of both your browser and your mobile app by clicking the magnifying glass icon! Although Search Everything on mobile works as a keyword search just like it does from your browser, there are limited filtering options as compared to those on your browser. From your mobile app, you can click the filter icon to select whether or not you'd like to see archives included in your search. 


  •  Board Search Bar

The search bar at the top right-hand corner of your board is available on both your mobile app and your desktop. It serves the same purpose on both devices, allowing you to filter your board according to keyword. 

  • Board Filters 

You can filter your boards using the tornado icon on both your mobile app and your browser. The filtering settings are all the same, although you cannot save your filters as a board view from your mobile app, as you can from your browser. 

  • Dashboard Filters

From your browser, you can filter your dashboards using the tornado filter similar to how you would for your boards, as well as filtering individual apps and widgets. At this time, mobile dashboards are view only, meaning that all kinds of filtering are unavailable. 


Board and Account Permissions

All column, board, and account permissions may only be set and changed from your browser. However, once permissions are set from your browser, they are effective on your team members' mobile apps. 


Admin & Settings

  • The Admin Section

The admin section cannot be reached on the mobile app, so all changes will need to be done from your browser. Any changes made will be applied to your team members' mobile apps!

  • Settings

From your desktop, clicking your profile picture leads you to all of your account settings.


However, these settings are split into two different locations on your mobile app. When you click your profile picture on your mobile, you reach your profile information. From here, you can only view and edit information that has already been added from your desktop. For example, I have not yet added my location or skype number to my profile from my browser, so I will not see this information on my mobile app's profile picture menu. 


On the other hand, I have added my full name and phone number! Since I've already done this on my browser, I can click "Edit" on my mobile app to edit my name, title, profile picture, working status, etc!


One really helpful action we can do from our mobile devices that we can't do from a browser is adding contacts! When viewing someone's profile, you can click the 3 dot menu at the top right corner, and then click "Add To Device Contacts", like we've done below! 


The rest of our mobile settings can be accessed from our left pane under "Settings", like this:


From here, you can access and edit:

  • your account's name (view only)
  • switch accounts
  • invite members to your account
  • change your app's language
  • try out new beta features
  • enable or disable push notifications
  • rate the app
  • contact us (to report a problem, give us feedback, or ask a questions)
  • view terms of service
  • view our privacy policy 
  • launch our Knowledge Base full of self-help articles just like this one
  • view your app's version
  • log out 

You cannot complete the following actions from your mobile device:

  • change your password 
  • change your time and date preferences
  • set which types of notifications you'd like to receive
  • change two-factor authentication method
  • set up or change your email integrations
  • view your past and current sessions



Tip: We hope this cleared up some of your questions and helped you find familiar features within the mobile app! Remember, we are constantly adding features and improving our mobile app, so make sure to update your app's version every week!




If you have any questions, please reach out to our team by using our contact form. We're available 24/7 and happy to help!

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