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Mobile app - Board basics

Whether you're using your browser or your mobile app, boards are the core of your workflow on monday.com. This article will take your through the basics of boards, and how you can create and manage your boards using the mobile app! 📋


What is a board?

A board is where your groups of items are held. It's a virtual whiteboard where projects are stored as a way to keep track of everything from everyday tasks to month/year-long projects... but so much better! 


How can I create a board?

To create a new board, select "Board List" from your left pane.


Next, click the blue '+' icon at the bottom right corner of your screen:


To learn more about how to create a new board from your mobile app, take a look at this article



How do I delete a board?

You can delete your board by clicking the 3 dot menu at the top right-hand corner of your board and then selecting "Delete", right here:



You can also delete your board by clicking "Delete" or "Archive" at the bottom of your board's settings menu, like this:


Where can I view all of my boards?

You can view a list of all of your workspaces by clicking "Board List" in your left panel, and opening the "Workspaces" tab. From this tab, you can scroll through your workspaces and expand them to view a list of all of the boards within each workspace. 



Check out this article to learn more. 


Can I customize my board?

You can customize your board to suit your exact needs! Choose your board's name, add a description, and then add columns, groups, and items!

To add new items, columns, or groups, click the blue '+' icon at the bottom right corner of your screen, and then select what you'd like to add, like this:



Tip:  You can customize your board even further by changing your board's name, adding a board description, and personalizing your groups and columns! Read this article to learn more!


Can I track my board's activities?

  • Activity Log

Click the 3 dot menu at the top right corner of your board, and select "Activity Log". 


Your board's Activity Log will appear as a pop-up, showing you all past activities in your board and who made those changes! To read more about the Activity Log, take a look at this article


  • Last Viewed

You can see who on your team has viewed your board and when! When you click on your board's name and toggle to the "Last Viewed" tab, you can see a list of everyone who's viewed your board!


How do I navigate my board?

  • Zoom in and out

You can zoom in and out of your boards using just two fingers! Pinch two fingers together on your screen to zoom out, so you can see more of your columns and items at once! Pinch out (spread two fingers apart) on your screen to zoom in closer and magnify your items!



  • Scroll

You can scroll right and left across your board by swiping your finger across your screen! Swipe from right to left to move to the right, and swipe from left to right to move left!




  • Landscape Mode

By turning your phone on its side, you'll be able to use your board in Landscape Mode (horizontally rather than vertically).  This is especially useful if you are working on a board with a lot of columns so you can see them all in your screen at once!


  • Drag and Drop

By holding your finger down (long press) on something on your board, you'll activate "Drag and Drop". Hold your finger down and drag to a new location on your board! You can do this with columns, items, or groups!



What are the types of boards?

  • Main boards

Visible to anyone who is a team member within your account.

  • Sharable boards 

Used when you want to share a board with people outside your team or company, such as clients, interns, or freelancers.

  • Private boards

Can only be seen by the person who created the board and by the specific users he/she invites to join this board.


You can change your board's type by clicking on the board's title to launch the board's settings like this:


From here, you'll see what your board is set to currently under "Board Type". If you click "Board Type", you'll open a pop-up window where you can select the type of board you'd like to change to, and select "Save". 


Tip: For more information on the different types of boards within the platform, feel free to visit this article.


How do I subscribe to a board?

Click the 3 dot menu at the top right corner of your board, and select "Board Subscribers", like this:


This will launch a list of all of the subscribers of your board. Board owners are marked with a crown beside their names like Kayla in the image below. Click "Add board subscribers" to add your team members to your board! You can scroll through the list of account members, or type someone's name in the search bar to add them! Read this article to learn more.



How do I duplicate a board?

Duplicate your board from the board's settings menu by clicking the board's title and scrolling to the bottom. Then, simply click "Duplicate", like this:


Your board's structure will be duplicated, but in order to duplicate your items and updates, you will need to perform this action from your browser. 


Note:  Currently, you can only duplicate your board with the Android app, but stay tuned - we are working hard to release this feature on iOS!


How do I duplicate an item?

You can duplicate an item from the item's settings menu by clicking the item's name and then clicking the 3 dot menu in the top right corner. Then, simply click "Duplicate item", like this:



Can I search my board?

  • Filter

You can filter what information from your boards you'd like to see. When you click the 'tornado' filter icon, you launch a pop-up window that allows you to filter your data. 


From your filter menu, you can choose to filter by several parameters at once, including groups and columns such as status, people, and date! When you're ready, click "Done", and you will only see the items in your group that fit under the filters you outlined! For example, when you filter by the Status Column and select the label "Done", you will only see completed items! Read this article to learn more about filtering your board. 


  •  Search

You can keyword search items in your board by clicking the magnifying glass at the top right corner of your board, like this:


Now, simply type the keyword into the search bar to view all results with that term!


How do I share my board?

Unlike from your browser, you can share your board to your mobile contacts and apps! Click the 3 dot menu at the top right corner of your board and click "Share", like this:


Now, you can select any of your mobile device's apps or contacts to share your board with! 


Are there board views?

When you click "Main Table" you launch a pop-up window with all of the different board views you can add and view from your mobile app! You can transform your board's data into a Calendar, Timeline, Battery chart, or Kanban timeline! 








If you have any questions, please reach out to our team right here. We’re available 24/7 and happy to help.