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Mobile app - The Connect Boards Column (formerly "Link to Item" Column)

The Connect Boards Column allows you to easily link items in one board to related items in another board! Keep reading to learn how it works on your mobile app! 🔗


How to add it 

At this point, the Connect Boards Column can only be added from your desktop, but stay tuned - we are constantly updating the mobile app and hope to make this possible soon! Click here to learn how to add and set up the column from your desktop!


How does it work?

The Connect Boards Column links the item on your board to one or more items from another board! Once we have all our links added from our desktop, we can begin to use our links in our mobile app! 

When we only have one external item linked to our item, we'll see the name of our linked item in our column like this:


When we click the name of our linked item, we'll be given the option to view the item. When we click "View Item", we can view the item in full screen!


When we are finished viewing, we can click the arrow at the top left corner of our screen to return to our original board.


If we have more than one external item linked, we'll see the number of items in our column, like this:


When we click the cell, we'll open up a menu showing us each linked item, exactly how it appears in its board! We can scroll to the right to see all of the details, or click the item to open it up in full screen! When we are finished viewing, we can click the "X" in the top left corner of the window to close the linked items menu. 



Edit your items 

When you open up an item from the Connect Boards Column, you can view all of the item's information, and make changes where needed!  

To change any information, click on the cell and select a new date, label, number - whatever!



Note:  Any changes you make here will be applied to the original item in its board. 



If you have any questions, please reach out to our team by using our contact form. We're available 24/7 and happy to help!

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