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The Pomodoro Widget

Do you ever have one of those days where you're feeling distracted and unfocused? Are you taking too many breaks or reaching for your phone one too many times? We know how you feel, and we've been there too! That's why we've created a tool to help you stay focused and boost your productivity! The Pomodoro Widget is a smart timer that will break down your workday into intervals, allowing you to focus during work intervals, and to rest during timed breaks. ⏲


How to add the widget

To add the Pomodoro Widget to your dashboard, just click  '+ Add Widget' at the top left corner of your dashboard and click 'More' to launch the Dashboards Center.


From the Dashboards Center, select "Countdown", which you'll find under the "Motivation" category!



How to set it up

The Pomodoro Widget is based on Francesco Cirillio's Pomodoro Method. Traditionally, this method repeats a cycle of four work intervals (typically of 25 minutes) separated by short breaks (typically 3-5 minutes), with one longer break (typically 15-30 minutes) after the four work periods. This cycle repeats until the task is completed or the work day is over. 🍅


Once you select the widget from your Dashboards Center, it will automatically launch in your dashboard with the default settings. To customize the time intervals, click the cogwheel at the top right corner of your widget like this:


In the right panel, you can set up your Pomodoro Widget with completely customizable settings! Let's go through each of the categories of settings together!

  • Work Length

Under "Work Length", you can choose how long you'd like each work period to be before your break!


  • Short Break Length

Under "Short Break Length", select how long you'd like to take a break for in between your 4 work periods. 


  • Long Break Length

Under "Long Break Length", select how long you'd like to take a break for after your 4 work periods. 


When you are finished customizing the Pomodoro Widget's settings, click "Done". 


How it works

When you're ready to start your uninterrupted work intervals, click "Start Focusing" in the center of the tomato right from your dashboard! 🍅


Now, you'll see a timer begin to count down until your first short break! If you need to take a break early or have already finished your task, you can click "I give up" down below to stop your timer. 


Tip:   We switched our dashboard to Dark Mode here, because we think it's much easier on the eyes and adds a fun contrast to our widgets. Learn more about it here


When it's time for your short break, an alarm will chime, and you can click "Start Short Break" in the center of the orange to start your short break's timer! 🍊


Now, you'll see a timer begin to count down until your break is up! If you want to cut your break short and get back to work early, you can click "Back to work" down below to stop your timer and begin your work timer!


After four work periods, you'll get a long break! 



Tip:   You can distinguish the break timer from the work timer because the work timer is in the shape of a tomato, while the break timer is in the shape of an orange. If you ever get confused, "Break Time" or "Work Time" will always be written above the fruit timer!




If you have any more questions about dashboards and widgets, please don't hesitate to reach out to our Customer Success Team anytime. We are here for you 24/7!