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Apartment hunting on monday.com


Everyone knows how exhausting apartment hunting can be! It’s both time-sensitive and time-consuming and requires serious organizational skills! With the help of this quick, savvy guide, we will walk you through how to best manage apartment hunting using monday.com. Your dream apartment is just a couple of clicks away! 😊 



Set up your Apartment Tracking board

The Apartment Tracking board stores all information for the apartments you're interested in. You can track the addresses, rent costs, entrance dates, show dates, contact names and more! Let’s dive right in!

The board is categorized into groups according to the different phases of your search—“Interested in (Pre-showing)”, “Interested in (Post-showing)”, Final options, and Irrelevant options. Each item is an individual apartment and the columns showcase the finer details of your search that you need to keep track of.


See the columns we've added to our board
Tip: Groups and columns are specialized for apartment hunting, but they are fully customizable depending on your individual preferences! Check out our Column Center for inspiration!




Use Automations to your benefit!

Automations help you minimize the manual steps of organizing your board. With the help of automations, you can move items around the board automatically, notify your roommates and partners about the current status of your search, and set reminders for upcoming showing dates! Check out the following automations we've added to our board: 

  • Reminder notification one day before the show date of an apartment, to make sure you don’t miss an opportunity. 


  • When a status is changed to "No longer relevant" or "Not interested", move the apartment to the group "Irrelevant".


Make calls directly from your board

To simplify things even further, make calls directly to your contact person of the apartments from the board itself—keeping everything in one place! To do so, simply click on the phone number itself of the relevant apartment in your Phone Column, which will open up the default app on your computer to dial the number.



Transform your board visually with Views!

Not so familiar with neighborhood locations of the apartments and how far they are from one another? With the interactive Maps View, you can easily see where each apartment is located!



With the Files Gallery View, you can see all the images uploaded to the board, allowing you to easily keep track of the apartments you like.



Use filtering to see what's relevant

Apartment hunting is an involved process that encompasses a ton of information! With the help of board filters, you can narrow down your board to display only the information you care about—apartments you’re interested in (pre and post-showing), and the final options, all while removing the irrelevant ones. 

You can configure the advanced filters to show apartments without an agent’s fee or apartments that are showing on specific days of the week! The flexibility of this feature is key–use whatever filter you'd like based on your needs!



Tip: Save your filters for easier access next time you view your board!


Stay on top of things on the go with our mobile app

Easily update your board on the go when you visit an apartment by using the monday.com mobile app! To download the app on your mobile phone, click here. 📱 



Share your board and stay aligned!

If you’re on this apartment journey with someone else, you probably know how much time is spent communicating back and forth, sending links, phone numbers, and pictures. Add anyone to your Shareable board and stay up-to-date together on your search. 😊 


You can even correspond to anyone subscribed to the board in context with the help of the Updates Section!




So, what are you waiting for?! Go find that apartment you’ve been dreaming of with the help of monday.com!




If you have any questions, please reach out to our team by using our contact form. We're available 24/7 and happy to help!

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