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Apartment Hunting on monday.com

If you’ve ever had to apartment hunt, you know how exhausting this can be! It’s time-sensitive,  time-consuming and requires superior organizational skills. 

With the help of this quick, savvy guide, we’re going to walk you through how to best manage your apartment hunt using monday.com so you can make sure you’re never left behind. 

Your dream apartment is just a couple of clicks away.



Set up your Apartment Tracking board

Your Apartment Tracking board is the place that you’re going to store all apartment information for the apartments that you're interested in. You can track the addresses, rent costs, entrance dates, show dates, contact names and more! 

So let’s dive right in!


The board will be grouped by different phases - “interested in (pre-showing)”, “interested in (post-showing)”, the relevant options, and irrelevant ones. 


Each item will represent an apartment we’re interested in. It will move through the board to the relevant phases as your apartment hunt continues and evolves.


Columns allow you to add in any layer of detail that you’d like to have in one place. These will enable you to keep everything together, stay organized and on top of all your apartments! 

With over 30 different column types, there’s no limit to how tailored you can make them!

We’ve added the following columns to our board:




Keep your board clean & organized using Automations!

Automations help you minimize all the small manual steps on your road to success, and finding your next home. With the help of automations, you can move items around the board automatically, notify your flatmates and partners and set reminders for upcoming showing dates. 

We’ll focus on two automations we’ve added to the board, but don’t forget to check out all the others here

1. Reminder notification one day before the show date of an apartment, to make sure you don’t miss an opportunity. 



2. When a status is changed to "No longer relevant" or "Not interested", move the apartment to the group "Irrelevant".



Make calls directly from the board

To simplify things even further, you can make calls directly to your contact person of the apartments from the board itself - keeping everything in one place! No need to rummage through old screenshots and messages to find the number! 

To do so, simply click on the phone number itself of the relevant apartment, which will open up the default app on your computer to dial this number.



Transform your board visually with Views!

Map View

Not so familiar with the areas or neighbourhoods of the apartments and how far they are from one another? Want to see each address on a map to calculate how far they are from work? With the interactive Maps view, you can easily see exactly where each apartment lies, zoom in and out and get acquainted with that area. 



Files View

With the File View, you can see all the images uploaded to the board, turning this table of information even more visual, allowing you to easily keep track of which apartments you loved and are relevant, and make your decisions.



Narrow down to what’s relevant with Board Filters

Finding the right place is tough and can take some time, especially if you’re in any big city. As you start adding more and more apartments to the board, it can be harder to stay focused on the prize. That’s where the board filters come in. 

With the help of filters, you can narrow down your board to display only the information you care about - apartments you’re interested in (pre and post showing), and the final options, while removing the irrelevant ones. 

You can also play around with the advanced filters to show all apartments without an agent’s fee, that are showing on specific days of the week or in specific areas to coordinate a showing in one go! See below how we've filtered our board to show those exact results: 


Tip: Save your filters for easier access and spare you extra time on your next visit!


Stay on top of things even on the go with Mobile

Visited an apartment and it’s not your style? The apartment you planned to visit next week is no longer vacant? Mark it off on your monday.com app before you have the chance to forget! Did we say easy or what? To download the app on your mobile phone, click here



Share your board and stay aligned!

If you’re on this apartment journey with someone else, you probably know how much time is spent communicating back and forth, sending links, phone numbers and images. Once you add them to your Shareable board, you can all stay up-to-date with the most recently added apartments, show dates, statuses and more. 


You can even chat to one another in context with the help of the Update Section 




So, what are you waiting for? Go find that apartment you’ve been dreaming of with the help of monday.com!


If you have any questions, please reach out to our team by using our contact form. We're available 24/7 and happy to help!