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Manage your weekly shifts

Customer support teams usually work on a weekly shifts basis, so managing a weekly shift schedule is one of the most important processes to handle within the team. With this said, it’s important to make sure that everyone is aware of when they’re expected to work in order to manage changes transparently and efficiently.  📆

monday.com’s flexibility allows you to manage this process in various different ways. Check out just one example of how we’re doing it!



Setting up this board is super simple and makes shift planning easier than ever before!

How to Set Up This Board


On this board, each group will represent a week within any given month.


Each item on this board represents a day of the week and will recur throughout every group. 


The columns on this board will be used to represent specific dates, the times of the different shifts and who will be on which shift. The following columns are included:

  • Date column to show the specific dates 
  • People column to assign team members to the different shifts and to indicate the times that they are assigned to
Note:  The column titles came be renamed to represent any information relevant to the board that they are on, just as we’ve done with the people column on this board to represent hours!


Now that you have all your shifts planned out for the next month, let’s check out some more tools that you can add to this board to help you make team collaboration and shift management even easier. 🙌


Sync your shifts to your calendar and never forget a shift again!

While some team members work full time, others may be part time workers. Working on a shift’s basis, makes it rather difficult to keep track of when each team member is working. By using our calendar integration to sync up your date column to your own calendar, you can ensure that no confusions occur. To do so, simply click on the date column settings and start syncing!




Use the Updates Section to exchange shifts and write notes

With the help of the updates section, team members can easily communicate with one another to switch shifts and share notes with their managers. They can @ mention one another, and see who has viewed their update to stay on top of their workload and make sure that everyone is aligned!



Set alert reminders to be notified about a shift beforehand!

We all know that having shifts with different start times every day can be challenging to remember at times. With this in mind, you are able to set alert reminders so that any chosen board members can be reminded about their shifts! To set this up, simply press into the date column menu and press to 'Add / Edit Date Reminders':


By pressing this, you'll be redirected to our automations center where you can set up a date reminder according to your own preference. In this case, all item subscribers will be notified about their shift 1 day before the date arrives at 7 PM, so that they can be reminded of their shift the night before:


By pressing on the 'notify' field of this automation, you will be able to set a customized notification that your team members will be receiving!



Add a time tracking log of your team member’s times

With appointments causing us to run late, an important project that leads us to working overtime, or any other unprecedented circumstances, we are all aware that the actual time worked in a shift is not always equal to the total hours assigned to a given shift. In order to track the actual times that a team member worked in a shift, you can add in sub-items, a time tracking column, hour columns and a formula column in order to create a time tracking log directly within your weekly shifts board!


To create this, first add in your Subitems which will allow you to create a different structure within another item on your board. This flexibility is perfect to allow you to create this time tracking log within the days of the weeks that you've set as items on your board! Once done, you can set up your time tracking log as so:


Each item within the subitems will represent the different people who are working on that given day.


The columns in the subitems will be used to track and calculate the times worked by the team members that worked each day. The following columns are included:

  • Time tracking column so that you and your team mates can track the time that you've worked, live or by manually entering a session!
  • Hour column to indicate the actual start time that a team member began working
  • Hour column to indicate the actual end time that a team member finished working
  • Formula column to automatically calculate the hours worked between the actual start time and the actual end time that you or a team mate entered on the board. Here is the formula that you can use in order to make this calculation: 
Formula:  HOURS_DIFF({End time},{Start time})



Tip:  Save this board as a Template for even smoother planning next month! Your Subitems will be held in this template as well.


Now that you've set up your weekly shifts board, you should be ready to manage your teams schedule in an effective, transparent way! 🥳


If you have any questions, please reach out to our team by using our contact form. We're available 24/7 and happy to help!