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IT onboarding with monday.com


What does it take to get a couple of hundred to thousands of employees up and running in the office from day one? A brilliant IT team that’s for sure. Luckily, we got to sit down with our own amazing IT team to learn how they successfully onboard each new employee using monday.com. 

This guide will walk you through how to set up a simple yet crucial employee onboarding process using monday.com. 



Set up you board

To begin, let’s go ahead and start building your board which is going to be used as the basis of the employee onboarding process. Keep in mind, the best part about monday.com is our flexibility. Given that, the structure of the board can be set up in many different ways to suit each company and team’s needs. 


  • Groups

On our board, we’ve grouped things based on different phases - Before Arrival, Day of Arrival (ie. The first day!) and the First Week. You can segment the groups based on any phases that your team might have or based on time periods - anything that fits your workflow. 

  • Item

Every time a new employee has signed a contract and joins the monday.com family, they’ll be added to this board as a new item. From there, the IT team will take care of all the IT aspects. 

  • Columns

Columns are a great way to reflect all essential pieces of information about specific tasks. With the help of over 30 column types, you can make sure to keep all important information in one visual place.


Show me the columns used in this board
  • Person column to reflect the task owner, making it transparent who will take care of what. 
  • Date column to show all the relevant due dates for the tasks.
  • Progress Tracking column to track the progress summary of all tasks for each individual until completion is reached.



Never miss deadlines

Now that you have the crux of the board set up, you can make sure that you and the team never forget or miss a deadline again. Two important ways to do this is by making the deadline even more visual on your board, as well as setting up automation notifications for your team members. 


  • Get visual with Deadline Mode

At monday.com, we live and breathe visuals. So, being able to visually demonstrate our deadlines is of the utmost importance. Deadline mode ensures that your due dates are linked up with the correct status labels, showing you at a quick glance which tasks are running on time, or long overdue. To learn more about Deadline mode and how to set it up, check this out.



  • Reduce the stress with automation reminders 

Your IT teams have a lot on their plate, why not reduce some of the burden by setting up automation reminders on the board? This way, they can work through their tasks, and as important deadlines approach they will be notified and can plan accordingly. 



Add board filters for more focus

While your board starts to get packed with new employees joining, and tasks pile up, it might be hard to stay focused. With the board filters, you can narrow down the groups and columns to ensure that you’re not disrupted by any unnecessary noise! You can also save these views, making it even quicker and easier to jump right in. 





Collaborate efficiently

We all know how important collaboration is in order to get tasks done.  We take this one pretty seriously. One way that this is done, is through the Update Section. Here, you can leave comments, tag others, pin instructions or add detailed to-do lists. No more getting stuck in that "one person holds all the info" cycle!



Tip: Set up a group at the bottom of your board dedicated to centralizing all documents, instructions and important information for the onboarding process!


Make data-driven decisions

Some weeks are rougher than others, but regardless, as a crucial part of your company, the IT team will need to make sure that there are enough hands at all times to take care of the many different responsibilities. Our dashboards make use of the following widgets, but there are so many more valuable ones that you can add to gain even deeper insights. 



Manage your resources

The Workload widget allows you to plan and manage your resources wisely. This widget allows you to see at any given time who in the team is overloaded with tasks from across all boards on the account, and who has the capacity to take on more. With this knowledge, you can adjust things accordingly.

After customizing the settings, you can see that while Matthew and Lea are above their capacity on some dates, Jess and Noy are below. Reassigning or checking in might be a good idea to ensure everything gets done on time! 



There you go! Get started onboarding new employees with these easy steps!


If you have any questions, please reach out to our team by using our contact form. We're available 24/7 and happy to help!

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