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monday.com integrations for HR teams

With integrations, you can turn your monday.com account into your personal work hub! Our Integrations allow you to seamlessly connect monday.com to external platforms and centralise all the important information from every department. Keeping your data in one single place will help you get a better overview of what is happening and will allow you to make data-driven decisions with confidence.


In this guide, we will showcase how integrations can be used by HR teams to speed up their recruitment process, gather data about their employees and more! Let's get started 😃


Schedule Linkedin posts automatically  

With our Linkedin integration, you can schedule which posts will be posted on Linkedin directly from your monday.com account. This will help you plan all your posts ahead and will save you time of posting each individual post yourself. 


Step 1 - Set up your board

Each group of our board is a specific month and each item represents a post. Columns will allow us to put all the relevant information regarding each post. With over 20 different column types, there’s really no limit to how you can customize your board to fit your team’s needs. Below are a few of the columns we've used: 

  • The first column will be the title of our Linkedin post. We are then using a long text column to write the content of the post.
  • The date column is an important column to add to your board. With this column, you can schedule when your post will be posted on Linkedin.
  • Finally, the status column will help us see in one glance where each post stands. 



Step 2 - Add your integration

Once your board is ready, you can add your Linkedin integration. We will jump directly to the recipe we've used for this use case but if you are looking for a step by step explanation on how to use the integration, check out this article. The recipe we've used is as below: 


When the status of a post will change to "post" on our monday.com board, a new post will be automatically created and published on Linkedin. The details of this post will be according to the information you've written in your monday.com board.

Here for example, we've mapped the subject of the post to be the name of the item, the text to be the content of our long text column and more!


Then click on done and you are all set! 🎉


Step 3 - boost your workflow even more with automations

To ensure that the post goes live automatically at the date and time we want it to go live, we’ve added an automation to the board. 


If your post is ready to post and that the date of publication arrives, the status of your post will change from "ready to post" to "post" automatically.


Once the status is changed to "post", this will trigger the integration we have set up above. The post will be created and published on Linkedin.  The link of the post will automatically appear in your monday.com account. 


Now you can focus on other important tasks and let the integrations and automations do the work for you 🙌


Measure your employee satisfaction with SurveyMonkey

SurveyMonkey allows you to create surveys, polls, or quizzes to gather feedback. With the SurveyMonkey integration, all your results will be centralized in one board allowing you to better analyze and sort data. 


Step 1 - Set up your board

Before adding the integration, it is important to build your monday.com board. Each column of your monday board should represent a question from your SurveyMonkey survey. In our example, we have the department, team lead, cultural needs and more!!



Step 2 - Add the integration

Every quarter, our HR team sends an internal employee satisfaction survey via SurveyMonkey. The integration recipe used is as below: 


The important part of this recipe is the mapping. Each monday.com column will be mapped to the relevant question on SurveyMonkey. For example, we mapped the department column on monday.com to the question "what department are you working for" on SurveyMonkey. 


And you are done! Now every time an employee answers the survey, a new item will automatically be created on the board. 


Step 3 - Analyze your results

The amazing thing about connecting SurveyMonkey with your monday.com account is that you can use other amazing monday.com features to help you analyze your data.

For example, you use the chart view to get a better understanding of all the responses we got from our survey. Here, we've used it to analyze how the communication channel is between employees and team leads. 



To visualize the results of each question, you can use the dashboards! This will allow you to build several graphs in one single place. This is a great way to show higher managers the bottom line of a survey you’ve run, without them having to check Survey Monkey. 

Here is a sneak peak of our HR survey dashboard 🙌 



Automate your emails with the email integration

Tired of manually sending emails to all your candidates? The e-mail integration is just what you are looking for! monday.com can integrate with both Gmail and Outlook.

In this example, we are using a board to keep track of the hiring process. 


Each status column represents a phase of the hiring process. We can use the email integration to send an automatic email to the candidate depending on the status of each phase. 

For example, if we decide to move forward with the CV, the candidate will automatically receive an email inviting him/her for a phone interview. If the CV is marked as "no-go" the candidate will receive an e-mail accordingly. 


We can create the same integration for each step of the recruitment process and customize each specific e-mail we will send to the candidate. 




In this guide, we showed how you can automatically schedule posts in your Linkedin from within monday.com using a simple status change which can also be automated using our automations.

We've then showed how survey responses using Survey Monkey can be brought into your monday.com boards and then manipulated using our views and dashboards to get all the insights.

Finally you learned how to automate all your emails with the email integration to streamline your recruiting process! 

There are so many more integrations you can use to make your workflow even better. Check out our full list of integrations right here


If you have any further questions please don't hesitate to reach out to our customer success team at support@monday.com.