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Boost your sales workflow with integrations

With Integrations, you can turn your monday.com account into your personal work hub! Our Integrations allow you to seamlessly connect monday.com to external platforms and centralise all the important information from every department. Keeping your data in one single place will help you get a better overview of what is happening and will allow you to make data-driven decisions with confidence. 

In this guide, we will be discussing how our integrations can be used for sales teams to boost their workflow and move even faster with their leads. Let's get started! 🎉



Set up your leads board

Step 1 - Create a board

Before starting with our integrations, let's take a quick look at how we can build our board. In this board, each column represents a specific piece of information about the lead. With over 20 different column types, there’s really no limit to how you can customise your board to fit your team’s needs. Below are a few of the columns we've added: 

  • Email column - Gather your leads' email addresses by adding this column to your board. 
  • Country column - Find out where your leads are from by adding a country column
  • Phone column - An important column to get the phone number of your leads. You can even reach out to them on the spot without leaving monday.com!
  • People Column - Each lead can be assigned to a sales representative. This column helps to provide transparency on who is taking care of what. 
  • Status column - This column can be used for many different purposes. In this example, we are using it for company size and lead status. 


If you'd like more information on how to manage your leads on monday.com, check out this guide. 


Step 2 - Create a form

Instead of receiving information from clients and then spending even more time inputting it into the platform, we've created a time-saving, client-pleasing solution: the forms

Now that our leads board has been created with all the relevant columns, we can add a form view. This form can be tailored to your exact needs. If you are not familiar with the forms, we highly recommend you check out this awesome article. This is what our monday.com form looks like: 


Next, we will embed this form on our website and start collecting our leads. Anyone filling this form will become a lead and will automatically be added to our leads board. 🙌


Enrich your data with Clearbit  

  • What is Clearbit?

Clearbit provides powerful products and data APIs to help your business grow. Contact enrichment, lead generation, financial compliance, and more...

When a new lead comes in, it is important for your sales representatives to understand better who the lead is and which company he/she belongs to. Clearbit can provide all this information. By integrating Clearbit to monday.com, the information about each of your leads will be automatically populated into your leads board. No need for your sales team to conduct their own research anymore! 


  • Add it to your board

To add the Clearbit integration, open your integration center and then select the recipe below: 


If you'd like a step by step explanation on how to create a Clearbit integration, check out this article

In our example, we want Clearbit to find information about our leads' company. Using the e-mail column in our board, we will then select the recipe "when an email is added to the email column, add its company data to the item."




  • Configuration

Once you've selected your recipe, you can map what exact information you'd like to see from Clearbit. To do so, click on "company data" in the current recipe:


The fields shown above represent the columns of your leads' board. Next, click on any of these fields to map them out with the Clearbit information. For example we want the company name column on monday.com to be populated with the company name field from Clearbit. 


Once all your columns are mapped, click on "add to board" and you are done!  🎉

Now let's say I am filling the form as a new lead. The company name I am from is monday.com. Once I complete the form the following information will populate in the leads' board: 


By just adding my company name as monday.com, business information about monday.com were automatically populated in the board. ✨


Get Notified on the spot with Twilio

Let's boost our workflow even more by adding automations to our board. Automations are a great way to eliminate human actions and save you time. To learn more about it, check out this article. We have added the below automations: 


When a lead comes in, the company's information will be auto populated in our board through our Clearbit integration. Thanks to automations, our sales development representatives (SDR) will be automatically assigned to leads based on the company size. 

With Twilio integration, you can make sure your SDR team never miss a lead! By setting up this integration to your board, your SDR team will receive a text message to their phone as soon as a new lead will be assigned to them. 

In the integration center, click on Twilio and then select the below recipe: 


Next, we will customise our recipe. You can customise the SMS you'd like your team to receive to your needs. 


Et voilà! Now each time a new lead will be assigned, your sales team will be notified by SMS. ☎️


Tip: In this example we only showed you the capabilities of sending an SMS to someone using Twilio but you can also check out the recipes we offer for Twilio voice which will automate a call to a person without having to pick up the phone yourself! To learn more about it, click right here



Reach out to your leads automatically with the email integration 

Tired of manually sending emails to all your leads!? The e-mail integration is just what you are looking for. monday.com can integrate with both Gmail and Outlook.

Let's go back to our workflow. Once a new lead comes in the board, the SDR representatives get assigned automatically thanks to the automations we have set up earlier. 


This is where the Gmail integration comes in place. We will use the following recipe: 


We will then customise so that when a new lead is assigned to a SDR agent, a welcome email will automatically be sent to that lead signed by the SDR. 


Let's complete our email integration with this recipe: 


Now once the lead will answer you, his/her answer will directly be added to the update section of the board: 


Et voilà 🙌 Now you can manage the communication with your leads directly from monday.com. 


Stay on top of your team's work with Slack

To finalize our workflow, let's add a Slack integrationWith this integration, the sales manager can get notified instantly as soon as a lead is qualified. We will use the below recipe: 


Let's now customise it!

Once the SDR qualifies the lead, the manager will receive a message to its private Slack channel informing him about the lead and which SDR qualified it. 



Once the manager is notified, he/she can then assign the qualified lead to a sales agent. 🙌



Let's recap our workflow 😃

  • Each new lead enters the board through the form.
  • The new lead will automatically be enriched with information such as the company size, using the Clearbit integration.
  • Once the company size is defined, the SDR team will be automatically assigned through automations.
  • As soon as the SDR team is assigned, they will be notified by text message using the Twilio integration.
  • In the same time as they are assigned to a new lead, a welcome email will automatically be sent to that lead. Any answer from that lead will appear in the updates section of the board. The SDR team will start working with the lead and define if she/he is qualified. 
  • Once the lead is defined as qualified, the managers will be notified instantly via Slack and will then be able to assign the lead to their sales agents. 

And all of that happens just from a couple of clicks within monday.com! 🙌


There are so many more integrations you can use to boost your sales workflow such as SalesForce, Pipedrive, Cooper. You can find the list of all our integrations right here


If you have any further questions please don't hesitate to reach out to us at [email protected]. We are here for you 24/7!