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All About Subitems (Beta)

Subitems give your items a deeper structure on your board. You can use them to better support your workflow or enable more complex workflows on a single board.

Utilizing subitems will give you the low-level item detail that you are looking for when breaking down your work with a more granular view.


If you don't see subitems on your account, you can activate it from monday.labs

The subitems feature is still in Beta. More functionalities are coming! Check out our roadmap at the end of this article to find out all the cool stuff we are working on. 😊 

To enable the feature on your account, the admin of the account should access monday.labs and activate it from there. 



How can I create subitems?

You can create subitems from any of the following locations:

1. Right-click on the item name:



2. The item's dropdown menu:




Note: Once you've added a subitem, a subitem column will be created indicating the number of subitems you've created. 


What columns can I add to my subitems?

You have the ability to add all of the columns into your subitems from the column center.


Note: Subitems have their own column structure separately from the parent items on the board, and you can customize it however you'd like. All the subitems on the board will have the same column structure. 


How do I expand and collapse my subitems?

You have the option to expand and collapse your subitems in two different ways.

You can either click on the subitem icon in the subitem column or use the right-click menu of the specific item.



How do I get a visual overview of my subitems' columns?

If you’d like to see the aggregated data of your subitems on the parent item, you can mirror it using the rollup feature!

In the subitems, open the desired column settings you want to reflect on parent item, and select "Mirror Column on Parent":



You can mirror different columns:


What’s next to come?

Subitems are in Beta, and we are continuously adding more features and ironing them out. These are some of the things we are working on:

  • Moving/Duplicating subitems between boards or parent items that contain sub-items
  • Full support on views and dashboards
  • Full support on our mobile apps

Check out the full roadmap release plan here.


Note: Stay tuned for more progress, influence what comes next and discuss with other monday.com lovers by joining our monday.com community.