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Mobile App - Calendar View

The Calendar View allows you to visualize your items in a calendar format of the day, week, or month.  Cool, right?  Well, let's take a look!

How to add the Calendar View?

To add a Calendar View, click on the 'Table' button  which shows your Main Board View located on the top left side of your board. 




Then you will see all the views available on mobile, click on "Calendar" as below: 


Success!  You've just created a calendar board view! 



 ⚠️ IMPORTANT!  Only the below column types are configured to work with this board view:

  • Date
  • Timeline
  • Week


Drill down the information 

When clicking the item you can see the contents inside that item and also add a column from your mobile device:



Filter on the calendar view

If you would like to filter your board by your columns, by group or by date you can simply go into the filter feature on the top right corner of your board:





Show the time of calendar events

In the date column, add a time to your event. You go into the item and click on the date itself and you will have the option to add time:



This is a great way to see your board in a calendar view just like the browser app, to be fully updated what you have scheduled for you!


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