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Mobile app - The Calendar View


You take the time to carefully plan out and organize your busy schedule, making sure that everything is booked ahead of time. But what good is that when you can't remember what time your meeting was booked for, or where exactly you agreed to meet?

Great news - we've created a Calendar View for the mobile app so that you can keep track of all of your upcoming tasks and events on the go! 🗓


What is the Calendar View?

The Calendar View will display your board's items according to their date in a nice, calendar display! You can interact with the calendar to view your items and even edit them right from this view. 

Note: You must first add a Date, Timeline, or Week Column to your board before you can see your data reflected in your Calendar View. 


Here at Izzy's Inspections, we carry out preliminary inspections of all kinds! To keep track of our upcoming inspections, we have a board filled with all of the necessary information! Each item is an inspection and each group is the type of inspection. We use columns to record the location, date, contact name and phone number, and status of the inspection. 


One of the most crucial parts of our workflow is the Calendar View we use to stay on top of all of our dates and prep timelines! Let's check it out. 


How to add it

To add the Calendar View to your board, click on the "Main Table" button at the top left corner of your board. 


Now, you will see a pop-up window with all the board view options. Select "Calendar" from here!


That's it! You've just created a calendar board view full of all of your board's dates. 🙌

Don't forget to click on the blue "Save view" button to save the view you created onto your board for easy access next time.



When in your Calendar View, click the "Calendar" view button at the top left corner of your screen. Then, from the pop-up window below, click the cogwheel icon beside "Calendar" towards the bottom of the screen∂, like this:


Note: You can only access the view's settings when you are currently viewing the board view you wish to edit. For example, if you are currently viewing your Main Table or Battery View, you can't edit the Calendar View. 


Now, you'll be given the option to choose which columns to display in your Calendar View! In this board, we have both a Date Column, called "Date", and a Timeline Column, called "Prep Timeline", so we can choose whether we want to display just one or both of these in our calendar by selecting them in the bottom of the screen!


Drill down to details

When you view your calendar, you can only see little color-coded bars representing your items. The colors represent the item's label in the Status Column!

So how can you look at your item's details from your Calendar View? Simply click the item to open up the item's card at the bottom of your screen! You can even edit and add columns right from the item card that appears!



Note:  If you don't have a Status Column on your board, the items in your calendar will all be one color.


Timeline Column on your calendar

When you display your Timeline Column on your Calendar View, you will see the same item appear on every day of the item's timeline. For example, prep for the Fairview Mall inspection will take a week, so rather than seeing one long bar run across all 7 days, we will see a small bar representing Fairview Mall on every one of these 7 days. 

The color of the bar in each day on your calendar is made up of each item occurring that day. For example, in the example below, there are 4 events on August 7. Two of the items are marked "Passed" in green, one marked yellow "In Session", and one "Failed" in red. As a result, the bar is split evenly between the labels - 1/4 yellow, 1/4 red, and 1/2 green!



You can click each day to drill down and take a look at the items taking place on that day! Scroll left and right through the item cards to view them. 



To filter what you see in the Calendar View, click the filter icon at the top of the screen, like this:


You can choose to filter your board by group, or by any of your board's columns! Here, I wanted to see all of my upcoming Environmental Inspections, so I filtered by the People Column, selecting myself, and by group, and then clicked "Done"!


Now, I can only see the events that suit the parameters I set using the filter! I can click "Save view" to return to this filter next time I open my Calendar View.


If I ever want to remove this filter, I can just click "Clear all" on the fildter and then "Save view" once more. 


Search your view

Looking for something specific? Use the Search Bar to find it! 


Just click the magnifying glass and begin typing a keyword to narrow your items down to whatever is relevant to your search!


Show the time of calendar events

You can add an exact time to your items in addition to their date! When in the item card, click on the Date Column, and select "Time" and scroll up and down on the hour and minute wheels to choose the time of your event!


And that's it! Now, you'll never let your important dates slip just because you can't check your browser. You can keep everything right in your pocket with the Calendar View on your mobile app!

Happy scheduling!




If you have any questions, please reach out to our team right here. We’re available 24/7 and happy to help.