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Freshdesk Integration

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What is Freshdesk?

Freshdesk is a ticketing platform that helps you improve relationships with customers and provide them with a seamless experience of ticketing and chat. Now, with the external Freshdesk integration, you can connect your support team to your product, engineering, and sales teams and streamline valuable user requests to your entire company. 🎉 


Note: Because this is not a native monday.com integration and is instead native to Freshdesk, using this integration will not count towards your action limit.


Basic Configuration

Step 1: Installing monday.com

In your Freshdesk account, click on admin and then Apps as below: 


Once done, click on "Get more Apps" , search for monday.com and then click on install.



Step 2: Basic configuration

In order for the integration to work, you will need to do some basic configuration. 

  • Add your monday API V2 key. To learn more about where to find it, check out this article
  • Add your monday domain - just type the name of the domain without ".monday.com"
  • Freshdesk API key - click on your avatar located on the upper right of your Freshdesk account and select profile settings. You will then see your API key on the top right. 
  • Add your Freshdesk domain



Step 3: Customization

Once the basic configuration is done, you can start customizing your integration. 


  • Ticket's Type

Pick the type of ticket you'd like to synchronize with monday.com. It can be a question, a feature feedback or just any ticket's type you want. You can also select "empty value" in case you would like to synchronize tickets without defined ticket type

Note: You can select multiple ticket types in this field. 


  • Deactivation Statuses

In this field you can pick the tickets you don't want to show in your monday.com board. For example, if a ticket has the status "closed" or "resolved" 

It can also be used to stop updating Freshdesk's tickets with data from monday.com when a ticket will be processed to one of the selected statuses. 

Note: You can select multiple status types in this field. 


  • Choose a monday.com board and a group. 

In the dropdown menu, pick the monday.com board you'd like your Freshdesk tickets to be synchronized with. You will also be asked to pick a specific group within your board. 


Mapping your tickets 

Once all the basic configuration is completed, you will see the option to map your tickets. Let's say we want all the bugs/incidents tickets to reflect in our monday.com bugs queue. This is what the board looks like: 




Freshdesk to monday.com

We want each bug ticket to be automatically added to the bug queue board. For each ticket coming from Freshdesk, we want to see the priority of the ticket, the status as well as the tags. The mapping will go as below: 



Important Note:  Prior adding the mapping, you need to make sure that the status columns labels on your monday.com board match the statuses options on Freshdesk. If not, your integration won't be working.



monday.com to Freshdesk

We can also set up a mapping from monday.com to Freshdesk. For example, every time a dev will update the status of a bug in the bugs queue board, we want that status to reflect in the Freshdesk ticket. 

The first step for this process is to create a ticket field in Freshdesk. To do so, click on admin and then ticket field as below: 


Next, click on the Single Line Text T and add the status label field as below: 


Once done, go back to the mapping settings and select the monday.com column you want to synchronize with the Freshdesk field. In our use case, whenever a bug's status changes in monday.com, this will update the ticket field "monday.com status update" in Freshdesk. 



To finish, click on save and you are done!


Test your integration

Go to Freshdesk and create a new ticket. Below is an example of what our ticket will look like. We set up the priority as high and the status of the ticket is open. 



 This is what it will look like on your monday.com board: 


Once a monday developer will take care of this bug and change the status, this will automatically reflect in our Freshdesk ticket. 



In order to create an integration from monday to Freshdesk, you need to create custom fields inside of Freshdesk. Below are a few examples: 

  • Color - Text Custom field required in Freshdesk 
  • Text - Text Custom field required in Freshdesk 
  • Long text - Multiline Text Custom field required in Freshdesk 
  • Multiple person - Text Custom field required in Freshdesk 
  • Date - Date Custom field required in Freshdesk 
  • Tag - Tags 
  • Numeric Number Custom field required in Freshdesk 


Automate your workflow even more!

You can automate your workflow even more by setting up automations in your monday.com board. For example, whenever a new bug has been added to the board it will notify everyone subscribed to that board. 


To learn more about all the great things you can do with automations, click here


If you have any questions, please reach out to our team by using our contact form. We're available 24/7 and happy to help!