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Dependency loops and how to avoid them

What is a dependency loop?

When using a dependency column and automation, you may encounter a situation where a loop was inadvertently configured.  Dependency loops can happen when items are made dependent on one another and if the top item is dependent on the last item in a sequence.  In the example below, this automation was used to configure the dependency: 


As you can see in the clip below, the top item is dependent on the last item, thus creating a loop in the dependency. 


How to prevent dependency loops: 

To prevent a dependency loop from occurring, remember to refrain from making in an item in the beginning of a task dependent on the last item within a task.  


Oh no!  I accidentally created a dependency loop!

In the event that you inadvertently create a dependency loop, there's no need to worry.  Simply go into the automations center and turn off the dependency automation that is causing the loop.  Once deactivated, head back to your board and try to identify the instance where an infinite loop is being created.




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