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Mobile App - How to create a board


Different types of boards 

  • Main boards

Visible to anyone who is a team member within your account

  • Sharable boards 

Used when you want to share a board with people outside your team or company, such as clients, interns, or freelancers

  • Private boards

Can only been seen by the person who created the board and by the specific users he/she invite to join this board 

Tip: For more information on the different types of boards within the platform, feel free to visit this article.


Creating a board

Start by clicking on the + bottom in the bottom right hand corner of your screen.  This will open a menu where you can select either a new group or item: 



Next, select the template you would like to use by scrolling left and right.  Or, feel free to start from scratch: 



Subscribing to board 

To subscribe a user to your board, click on the ••• menu in the top right hand corner, then select Board Subscribers: 


Next, click the + button and select which team members you'd like to subscribe to your board: 




Zooming in and out

Your boards can be zoomed in or out to make it easier to see!  It's as easy as pinching in or out with two fingers:  



Landscape Mode

By turning your phone on its side, you'll be able to use your board in landscape.  *This is especially useful if you are working on a board with a lot of columns! 



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