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Mobile App - How to Create a Board


A board is the skeleton of your workflow on monday.com. It's a virtual whiteboard you and your team can use to keep track of all of your projects, contacts, daily tasks, and so much more! This article will take you through the steps of creating a new board using the mobile app! 


Create a board

To create a new board, select "Board List" from your left pane.


Next, click the blue '+' icon at the bottom right corner of your screen:


Now, you can choose from any of our prepared templates, or create your own! Swipe through the templates to see what types of boards you can create. We're going to select "Start from scratch". 




Delete a board

You can delete your board by clicking "Delete" or "Archive" at the bottom of your board's settings menu, right here:


Customize your board

You can customize your board to suit your exact needs! Choose your board's name, add a description, and then add columns, groups, and items!

For a quick shortcut to adding new items, columns, or groups, click the blue '+' icon at the bottom right corner of your screen, and then select what you'd like to add, like this:


Change your board's name

Click on the board's title to launch the board's settings, like this:


From here, we can edit the board's name by clicking "edit" right here:


Now, your keyboard will pop up, and you can type in a new name before clicking "Save". 


Add a description

Let your teammates know what this board is used for by adding a short description. From the board's settings page, we can click "Edit" beside "Board Description", and type into the field before we click "Save". 


Add groups

Groups help you to organize and segment the information on your board! Add a group by scrolling down to the bottom of your board and clicking "+ Add Group", like this:


You'll then be prompted to customize the group's name and color, and then click "Create"!


You can rename your groups by clicking on the group and typing a new name.


Add columns 

The "Start from scratch" board is a template that is pre-prepared with a People Column, a Status Column, and a Date Column. These columns are some of our most popular columns, but we can delete them if we don't need them on this board. We can also swipe all the way to the right and click "+ Add Column" to add more columns to our board!


We can choose from any of the columns in the pop-up window, or click "See all columns" to visit the Columns Center!


Scroll through the Columns Center to check our all the columns you can add from the mobile app! You can always read this article to learn more about columns!




Tip:  There are still a few columns that can't be added from your mobile app. Be sure to head over to your browser or desktop app to check out our full selection of columns! 


Add items

Items are the individual tasks, projects, clients, products or anything else that your groups organize. To add a new item, simply click "+ Add item" at the bottom of your group. You'll then be prompted to type the name of your item before you click "Add". 


To rename an item, click the item to open up the item in full screen. Now, you can click the item's current name and begin typing a new one! Click "done" on your keyboard to save. 


Now, you can customize your items by filling the information into your columns! You can do this right from full-screen mode, or directly in your board. Simply click the cell, and select from the column's options (whether it be a status label, date, person, etc). 


Tip:  To learn more about your board, including how to subscribe team members, how to track the board's activities, how to communicate with your team, and more, check out this article







If you have any questions, please reach out to our team right here. We’re available 24/7 and happy to help.