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Mobile app - Board filters

Board filters allow you to hone in on specific information you would like to see within your board.  By combining multiple criteria, you'll be able to drill in and see information as granularly as you'd like.🔎

Take a look below for information filtering within your mobile app. 


Where to find Board Filters

Clicking on the "tornado" icon in the center of the top of your screen will open the filtering menu:


Quick Filters

Once the filtering menu is open, you'll be able to select and combine multiple quick filtering criteria to pull up the specific information you are looking for.  In the example below, we are simultaneously filtering by Person, Group and a Status Column reporting the stage of the task (not pictured). You can see that each filter category that has been selected is highlighted in blue, and filters that were not selected remain in black print. When you're ready, just click 'Done'!


 Now, we can see all of our filtered results! We can Save this View if we want to visit these specific items more often! Just click 'Save view'. 


Now that we've saved the view, we can see that we're currently viewing our 'Table' rather than our 'Main Table'. 


If you click on 'Table', you'll open up the Views menu, where you can switch back and forth seamlessly between your Views!


Note:  When looking at your board, you can tell that there is a filter applied when the 'tornado' icon is highlighted in blue like in the screenshot above. 



Advanced Filters

You can apply advanced filters to your board including specific conditions and combinations. You can create customized rule-based filters and even combine them with quick filters! The sky is the limit - even on the go! To add one, click the filter icon and then click "+ Add filters" under the "Advanced Filters" heading. 


Use the drop-down menus to create a unique filtering condition and then click "Save" or add another filter! You can add as many as you want!


The combinations are endless! In the example below, we're filtering for all items where the status is not "Approved":


We can even add another layer! In the example below, the filters will now only show items where the status is not "approved" and the Project Manager is any of two selected team members:


You can view all of your advanced filters right here at the top of the filtering pop-up window:


At any time, you can add or edit your advanced filters by clicking "+ Add/Edit filters". 


Clearing Filters 

If you want to clear all of your board filters at once, open up the filter menu and click 'Clear all' at the top right corner. 

You can also clear specific filters by just clicking on any filter you have applied to deselect it!





If you have any questions, please reach out to our team right here. We’re available 24/7 and happy to help.