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Reporting with monday.com

At monday.com, we love to make data-informed decisions. We measure everything— progress towards KPIs, performance, pounds of pistachios eaten by the team. We know how important it is for any business to have detailed and accurate reporting.

With monday.com you can see the big picture. With tools like filters, board views, and dashboards you’ll be equipped to make decisions that move your projects and processes forward. 


Board-Level Reporting

For example, let’s look at reporting for a sales team. There are several ways to analyze data on the board-level. 

Board Filters

Board Filters are a great way to narrow down the information on your board so that you only see what’s relevant. You can find the search and filter options here:


To search the board, simply type in a keyword. This will show you all items, columns, and groups containing this word. Let’s look at “Won” deals:


Even better, you can filter to get a detailed breakdown of specific items by person or any other criteria that are important to your work. Let's take a look at all of the deals won by one specific Sales Rep:


You also have the option to select everything except for the item clicked.

  1. Press shift on your keyboard and hold it down.
  2. Click on the item you want to exclude.


Save Your Filters

Saving your filters allows you to get a customized view of your board in just a few clicks. Apply your filter and “Save as new view”. This will create a new filtered board view. You can name your filtered view for easy reference. Check this out!


Board Views

Perhaps we're interested in viewing the potential versus the forecasted value of our deals. If you need to analyze information on a board, the views are a useful tool. For this example, we’ll use the Chart View. The Chart View allows you to gain insight into your board's facts and figures. 

Let's add the Chart View on our Sales Forecast Board:


There are a handful of views that you can use to gain deeper insight into your board's data. Check out the Timeline View and the Calendar View to see your dates at a glance. Here I have an overview of when my leads were last contacted:


Formula Column

Now we want to see how much commission each of our Sales Reps is going to make on their closed deals. For this, we’ll add the Formula Column.

The Formula Column is a powerful tool. It allows you to make calculations within your board.

If I want to see the total commission on a “won” deal, I’m going to create two Number Columns— one with the Deal Size and one with the Commission %. Then, I’ll add the Formula Column and input this formula: IF({Stage}="Won",{Deal Size}*{Commission %},"--")


The possibilities with the Formula Column are endless! For a list of all available functions, check out this article.

Exporting a Board

If you're accustomed to breaking down your data with vlookups and pivot tables, you have the option to export your board to Excel: 


To learn more about exporting and importing with Excel, check out this article.



Account-Level Reporting

If you're tracking your projects and processes across multiple boards, reporting on the account-level is necessary. With monday.com you can report on multiple boards at once.

High-Level Board

The first method, a favorite of monday.com enthusiasts, is the High-Level Board. A high-level board allows you to see an overview of everything you and your team are tracking on your monday.com account.

You can break down a High-Level Board in whatever way makes sense to you and your team-- by year, by quarter, by month. The possibilities are endless!

In my Sales Rep Performance 2020 board, I'm using the Progress Tracking Column to gather data from multiple Status Columns for multiple sales reps. I'm also using the column summary of the Status Column to see the quarterly performance of each rep:


A great tool for linking High-Level and Low-Level boards is the Mirror Column. In my Sales Forecast board, I'm using the Mirror Column to pull in the status of each stage of the deal from my Leads board. This way I can see an up-to-date picture of what has been accomplished. From initial contact to sending the proposal, I know that my team is on top of it:



If you want to aggregate data from multiple boards into a single view, you'll love our Dashboards! With 15 widget options, you can better understand project progress, track your budget, estimate your team's workload and much more. Dashboards allow you to focus on your goals. 

Here I'm using my Dashboard to gain insight into my Sales Reps' performance:


The widgets give you the ability to drill down into the data. Examine your progress with the Battery Widget, make live updates from the Table Widget, watch your team work in real-time with the Time Tracking Widget. The details are at your fingertips: 


Once you've built your Dashboard, you can share it with management and key decision-makers by inviting them to view and collaborate or you can keep it private by remaining the sole subscriber:


Search Everything

On monday.com, you also have the ability to search across your entire account with Search Everything. You can search a combination of keywords like the name of a sales rep and the status "Prospect". You even have the option to filter by date. 



In this example, I'm using tags to indicate where my leads are located. Tags make it even easier to search across your account. If I click on a tag, this will open up a Search Everything view of all instances of a given location:


Admin Statistics

If you're an admin on your account, you have the ability to view your account's statistics. The Stats page shows a 60-day overview of the number of boards updated, the number of people who posted, and the number of updates posted. It also shows an overview of storage used thus far, people who have been active, and how many boards were created:


From the Stats page, you also have the ability to view your account's Storage statistics and Advanced statistics. The Advanced statistics page shows the boards trending in your account, the top creators and the top communicators in the last 30 days. To learn more about what's available to you in the Admin section of your account, check out this article.