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How freelancers can track their time

If you’re a freelancer, you know what it’s like to juggle many projects. Do you ever wonder what is the best way to track your hours for each project? 

You can track all your projects based on how urgent they are on any of your client project boards. Tracking the time you spend on each project is important for transparency and accountability. 

Adding a Time Tracking Column

You can use a time tracking column to start and end the timer. You can click on the time tracking log to edit the start and end date and put new ones. Giving you the flexibility to track hours without worrying about starting or ending it.


You can filter your boards on the tasks that you’re currently working on, to see the total hours spent on projects you are working on.



Using the formula column to calculate different rates

If you have different rates as a freelancer, you can add a number column to track your hourly rate. You can then add a formula column and enter a formula to calculate your billable amount of hours to the client. The formula will pull the time tracking column, adjust the units, and multiply it by the rate.


Keeping Track of your Time

You can keep track of how you’re spending your time for each client by adding a drop down column. You can customize it and add your clients to pick them from the drop down.

On top of that, you can filter the board and see how you’re spending your time with a specific client!


You can also see the total billable amount of hours across current and completed projects!

Deadlines and Project Status

And there's more! What if you want a quick way to see your deadlines and project status?

You can create a dashboard! Inside the dashboard, you can create a calendar to see all your deadlines with the ability to pull information from up to 10 boards into the dashboard. 


You can even click on the calendar and update the status of the project!



The battery widget can give us an overview of all of our projects. And we can even drill down to the specific tasks.

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